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The ultimate waifu
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Yeah maybe if you're a disgusting and hairy plaid wearing hipster she is.
Try again, maybe in English this time.

All girls should wear a choker.
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I want to choke Sachiko.
I'd like to choker.

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Which K-ON would be the best fuck?
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Anon, dressed like Ritsu.
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What was her name again?
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horsefucker mcgee

New episode soon.
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Aki a best. Remove Neko.
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It's that time of the week again.

get in her niggas

I dont understand, why didnt best girl win?
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It's not over yet
Obligatory top notch VA performance.

Obligatory /a/ version

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hey guys why didn't alphonse go to the party
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Who's the one person Edward won't tolerate?
A motherfucker!
do you mean a dogfucker
I'm pretty sure he's talking about Hohenheim since he definitely tolerated Shou (who didn't fuck his dogaughter) to a certain extent.

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This is Ain. Produce her show already.
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Hello again, Lainon.
This thread is as dead as Despera

[cries silently]
I thought they said that they found a new director.

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what is the clip for?
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To seal Mori Summer.
If they clip were removed she would break free.
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Isn't it obvious? It is for my dick.
It's a fashion statement.

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>Story about teen angst and vampires
>MC gets kidnapped by scientists and they start to torture him
>Friend gets stabbed in the neck
>I wonder how they'll get out of this one
>Next chapter
>"10 years later"

Oh no. Oshimi, what have you done.
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I have no idea how the dynamic between them is going to work since he won't have aged and she is now cemented as best girl.
Rotoscope anime when?
>timeskip specialist

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Why is she walking like that?
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maybe her butt hurts
This, for onece, is accurate.
Why would her butt hurt?

How is Bungo Stray Dogs? Is it fun to watch?

I saw this one fight scene on youtube, thought it was pretty cool. Is the rest of the anime like that? That's pretty much only what I'm looking for.
One dumb thing in that fight is the dumb guy won even tho his opponent was fighting smartly. I hate shit like that.

Helps if the story isn't total trash.
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Come the fuck on, faggots

What is this board even good for?
Bro. Just watch the first few episodes, and then when you like it and have something really relevant to ask or talk about this show, you can make threads for it that will entice people to come and talk about it and join you in making some interesting discussions.
But nobody here can decide for you if you should even like it or not.

All I can tell you is that the threads for Bungou Stray Dogs on /a/ when it aired had very few comments, because constant negativity about it being a fujo show (because it had a mostly male cast, which means that it has to be totally gay, and that means that nobody can watch it lest they be gay themselves or some other ridiculous teenage fears) or that it would adapt the manga which is apparently superterrible, boring and shit and all other sorts of doom and gloom made it so that almost nobody was interested in talking about it here.

From the few clips that I watched, it looked fine Nothing really superoutstanding either, though.

I'm personally just not that much interested in it because I'm currently not in the mood for action series.
Alright, that was helpful.

Guess I should've specified. What I wanted to know is how the threads were back when this aired.


this made no sense at all
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It was a nonsensical snoozefest with too many characters and not enough excitement to make up for it's incredibly lackluster plot. This probably would be hailed as a cult classic if they just grew some balls and started killing off the cast.
In hindsight, the first episode was unironically the best one.

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Yeah, it's a Bomberman anime senpai

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Wait seriously? Fucking amazing.
What happens when her bomb fuse tail burns completely?
Let's just say it has a three week burn time.

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Post anime your parents like
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Shit your parents watched as children doesn't count, that's saying I liked naruto
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My mother really liked Cardcaptor Sakura. Still does. I know she still watches anime that pops up on Netflix, dubbed since she can't deal with subs. I can't blame her for that, since English isn't her first language.
English literally easiest language in the world, she's just stupid, CSS is actually good though

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