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watashi wa tenshi.jpg
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Watashi wa tenshi!
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Why did this pile of ass garner any following at all?
seems legit
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Is anyone else careful about not triggering death flags in real life now because of all the anime they have watched?

I don't just mean obvious stuff like if you are a soldier you don't show people a picture of your sweetheart and tell your friends you are going to marry her as soon as you get home, and you are set to fly out right after this battle. Or saying something like ""I'm going to tell your sister how I really feel about her, as soon as I we get back from skydiving today", or "Once we make it back from this mission I'm retiring" etc. That's obvious. I mean I find myself reluctant to even say things like "Oh don't worry I'll do that as soon as I get back from my trip" or "I'll tell you all about it, after I make this long drive home from work in the rain" "I'll help you do that right after I get back from the corner store" etc.

I know it's irrational, and me saying these things does not change the outcome of anything in reality, but I still feel a reluctance to say them. Because when I do I feel like a death flag pops up.
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That's dumb.
consider therapy
That's not healthy, you may have some kind of mild anxiety disorder. It's probably not a huge deal, but you may want to speak to a therapist.

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Reminder that thru the entire series, Akko had no panties.

I'm going to keep posting this till you like it and it becomes a thing.~
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I like this image
keep dreaming lover boy
easier to poop that way

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Resist arrest.
Their clothes are not uniforms. I demand to see proof that they are even police officers.
Knock left unconscious, rape right and keep her as a sex slave, then carve up left, stuff her pieces in separate weighted boxes, and throw them in the ocean far out to sea. Then go back and enjoy myself some more with right.

Is this the loli that will be posted all over /a/ next season?
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She just seems like the kind of thing that appeals to people here. I mean look at her, she's super cute.
That don't seems to have a dick among the legs

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What went wrong?
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Did something go wrong?

Manglobe died
Madhouse was bought by NTV.
TMS Entertainment was bought by Sega.
Gonzo is undead, doing only 1-2 series per year.

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I don't get it. Most of us were literally him but no female ever approached us. Is this a self insert for the true anon?
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When do we get to see her act bitchy again? Her voice makes me diamonds.
Kushita a shit.
50% man. 50% machine.

The Trap in Danganronpa is important?, I want to know
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He's (she's) important after he dies btw.
He dies, ESL-kun.
He ded. He also cyber ghost.

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After losing a fight to Rin, you now spend the rest of your days as her pet.
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Fetish bait isn't a good thread
Why not

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infinit force.jpg
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Is MANIME saved?
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Is this motherfucking SILVERHAWKS™?
What's that shit? I want Gatchaman Crowds 2
>Original Flavour Tekkaman
>Not Blade
While I'm cool with it I'm still a bit let down.

Please don't forget about her show, /a/!

Shitty subs in 2 days, but raws are out if anyone's interested.
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Some of you might have seen already, but /a/ is currently drawing the Cromartie High School OP ( >>161190122 ).
Considering that the song tends to be copyright struck rather frequently and quickly, discussion came up that we could maybe go the full distance and combine this with an /a/ sings Cromartie High School for maximum effect.

Here's the opening for anyone still uninformed about it. Since I personally can't say for sure that I'd have the time to do the editing for it any time soon in the coming weeks, a volunteer from our resident editors would be great.
If we really can't find anybody to do the job, but there is enough demand and interest, I'd gladly attempt doing the editing but, as mentioned, that might then take potentially quite some time.
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>not /a/ sings /a/nd draws
You fucked up
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is this from negima?

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New KyoAni original when?
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literally next year you idiot.
VEG is a novel adaptation.
And even if it wasn't, it's not uguu enough.

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Page 01.png
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Page 02.png
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Page 03.png
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Page 04.png
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why even live
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my life is 3D
iwant life to be 2D
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I want to be infinite D
Mashallah brother

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