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Man I remember when people told me to watch this instead of SAO.
I honestly don't even remember much about it. I probably would like it if I gave it a rewatch. It was keikaku shit right?
Yeah, I'd say it's worth another go. It's some pretty good shit all things considered.
The movie was disappointing

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TL note: Yuki means snow
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TL note: Yuki means Rei clone
Probably the best reiclone out there, to be honest.

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Mary is very cute!
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that things head looks like a squeezed nutsack
you haven't seen my cock
>Thick eyebrows
Hitting all the right spots for a loli for me.

Will probably cheat on Junichi soon.

More like SKANK hoe, am I right?

Fat. Ugly and more like a little sister. Incest is gross.

Well, that leaves Kashii Yui as the best girl. Stylish, smart, beautiful, okay size breasts. I love her!
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She need to stop whoring herself on the internet.
She's just trying to make money.
>Incest is gross
Your face is gross.

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It's not anime.
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a sad elf.png
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Is this series worth getting into? I have a friend that keeps recommending it but all I know about it is a toothbrush scene.
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Watch it and judge yourself. Stop being a cockusucking faggot.
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Monogameme is just about waifus. Nothing more, nothing less.
Yes, it's quite good. But know it's very dialogue heavy, so if you've got ADD you might have some issues.
Also a bit of an investment, all put together it's sitting at just under the equivalent of 100 episodes.

Just watch Bake, it's one of the best parts of the franchise and can function as a complete package if you decide it's not for you and don't want to keep going.

female characters done right
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Body yes
Personality no
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Ochako Uraraka

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you guys wanna know a secret?
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Don't you dare spill what we did, anon
Lay it on me.
I'll pass.

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How do we save her, /a/?

She didn't deserve any of that it was all her shitty sisters fault..
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watch a better hentai pls

but this one is really, really good.
Why? Just a generic NTR plot

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What did you learn today /a/?
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>japanese people using english palindromes in japanese
explain this bullshit
Don't do outside.

Rushed as fuck last arc, but overall really enjoyable.

Is the manga worth checking out?
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>Rushed as fuck last arc,
you mean the entire last HALF being literally shitty, anime-original content?

>Is the manga worth checking out?
Yes. It's way better and doesn't turn into a snorefest. Last time I checked, it was still ongoing.
The manga will make you wish BRAVERY PUNCH was the canon ending.

You don't know abouts bullshit physics, don't you?
>Hype up her mother the entire series


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I'm the greatest battle shounen villain ever
Frieza is better

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>Fullmetal Alchemist
>he's only partially made of metal
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Yeah, it's referring to the guy named Al
Al's not the main character, though
>Fullmetal Alchemist
>it's just Metal Alchemist in jap

I know it's old and sad story but I wanted to share an alternate ending for Emergence that everyone would love.

>Be Saki
>In bathroom
>Right after getting viciously attacked by her former classmates
>Saki gets up
>Look around and find a pair of glasses.
>Saki break down
>Crying uncontrollably.
>Wondering where did my life go wrong.
>Saki decided to inject herself with more drugs
>When suddenly
>Someone enters the room.
>It's Hayato
>He came back for me
>He says "Saki I came back to save you."
>He gives Saki a big hug and then looks her in the eyes and says.
>Unless I try to start again
>I don't want to be the one
>the battles always choose
>'cause inside I realize
>that I'm the one confused
>I don't know what's worth fighting for
>Or why I have to scream
>I don't know why I instigate
>And say what I don't mean
>I don't know how I got this way
>I know it's not alright
>So I'm breaking the habit
>I'm breaking the habit tonight
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It's a fucking story in a porn comic, get over it you faggot
Made me listen to Linkin Park again/10
jesus christ, quit posting this fuckin doujin

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Discuss Tite Kubo's finest work here.
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All I remember was Ichiruki being collectively BTFO

Someone upload the Hall of Shame
>it's been over a year now since Bleach ended
what the fuck is happening with time

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