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Hey, so i just finished reading the chapter.

So, what are you thoughts on it? Do you think Mirio might die? I think in previous chapter we saw Overhaul walking with the girl, and without any obvious damage. So i say Mirio probably just was defeated, i don't think he would be kill so early on the manga.....
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pretty sure this is implying hes the traitor
Just accept it. He's dead, time to move on.
>"I'd like to talk with you a bit more after all"


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Umi is worst girl.
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Someone with excellent taste
But that's not Rin
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You can't just say that anon. That's mean.

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As of Episode 9, it's pretty interesting. Is minimalist dialogue Chiaki Konaka's thing? He does it here and in Lain, but I haven't seen any of his other works.
The good:
>Godlike OST
>Bleak without being edgy
>Violence is never glorified
>Interesting characters and setting
>Ran a cute
The bad (so far):
>Most side characters look the same.
>Lighting is so dark it's hard to see.
Any thoughts?
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>Is minimalist dialogue Chiaki Konaka's thing?
I'm not too sure, as he also seems to really like his characters getting quite verbose (this becomes more apparent in Texhnolyze's latter half with a certain character) and also in Ghost Hound. In fact you can see a few of its episode titles and characters make direct references to some of the concepts (Affordances, 'brain homunculi' among others) that Texhnolyze briefly touches on near its end, almost as if he didn't have time to fully explore them in Texh and chose to dive into them in his next show. I've always found it interesting how he treats psychology and neuroscience with a sort of strange arcane reverence.

>Lighting is so dark it's hard to see.
If you're aware of it, this is less of an issue in the R2J encode that was done quite recently by kuchikirukia, as it seems the North American/European release had its colour levels fucked with and resulted in some extremely dark shots, the first episode being the most egregious. It might be on nyaa and it's definitely on AB if you've got it.
Can't really say much without spoiling a lot of it for you
He doesn't do the minimalist dialogue enough to call it a trademark I don't think, more lie he's one of the only writers who consistently has scenes of letting the ambiance do the talking, at least in his original works. In Texhnolyze it just especially stands out because of the first episode and the director going balls-out on letting the visuals tell the story.The biggest compliment that I can give the show is that it was willing to risk telling its story without heaps of exposition and to have a cast composed of characters that could (and usually are) written off as 'unlikable' even though most of them end up being heroic in their own ways by the end.

Ran is cute despite her stoic misery. I wish she would have gotten some more screentime other than some of the lookalike Organo side-characters that you're about to become acquainted with, but I guess that would have taken away some of her mystery.

The last four episodes are a fucking experience so look forward to that.

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i knew she was coming
Piwi is gonna save the world too.
>Azudora with a sword
Fuck even I got chills

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Is she autistic?
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She's autisTHICC
Honestly, kill yourself.

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why did the art style change?
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You know that feeling post fap where you're full of regret and realize what kind of fucked up shit you were looking at?

Miura felt that except with drawing and writing.
a person's art can change a lot in 10 years, looks especially egregious since he hadn't touched it since then

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How do you feel about yuri?
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I like yuri
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I miss Kuuko
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ITT: We fix the isekai genre. Hard Mode:It has to be funny by /a/'s standards.
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Main character is a badass that wears shades and fucks babes. He is a chef in a sushi bar/ strip club and has been working there for over 2 years but is involved in a money laundering scam and sent to jail.
We time-skip three years later and someone comes to visit him. When he enters the visitors room he gets isekaid
High school boy gets isekai'd to a game world. Rather than learn an OP skill to get by, he exploits janky physics to bypass most encounters. He was actually a speedrunner in his previous life.
That one is actually quite good. /v/10

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>bungee gum
>can be used to move himself around
>can be used to move other people around
>can be used to move objects around
>can be used to redirect/stop extremely fast and powerful projectiles
>can be hidden from sight
>can be attached to anything
>can't be cut by anything
>if it's copied by another person using nen, it's vast amount of applications makes it hard to use without lots of experience
>can even be fucking used to literally fucking revive hisoka by giving him CPR
>fucking texture surprise
name a character with more versatile and useful abilities
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Kleptodolphino Kurapika or Kleptokrollo. Both will just steal your shit.
and just like every technique oriented antagonist the protagonist is just going to overpower him through shear retard strength.

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It's finally time to save horror anime.
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This is like cum true, please both Maho Shoujo Site and Of The End anime!!!
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What if this is the new anime that Ikuhara is supposed to be working on? I want to see the twins animated!
This better not fucking be true, the last thing this shitty manga needs is an anime for all the normalfags to flock to and call it the deepest thing ever

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The MC of the last anime you watched has to go up against Limit Breaker Goku. How fucked are they?
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She might be ok if Tohru is around to help
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>Implying any character from Dragon MAID can go up against even the low tiers of Dragon BALL
*Writes Son Goku*
All apart of the keikaku
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>Super Saiyan 1, 2, and 3 are now false Super Saiyan
>There are 3 different God forms, including a special one for Goku Black, who isn't actually a fucking Saiyan
>Broly-type is the """"""""""""""true"""""""""""""" Super Saiyan except there's like 3 God forms above that
>Somehow the Saiyan species has a special form to account for when one is possessed by a god or god ki
>It's going to get worse as Super goes on

I grew up watching DBZ every day but why the fuck are you watching this. Why would anyone ever watch this it's a parody of a parody of itself. Dragonball Evolution might be better.

What did you think of the Watamote anime?
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Read the manga/10
Why did they make her into such a normalfag?
i read the first ~10 chapters of the manga after seeing an /a/ thread about it but it didn't really grab me so i dropped it
didn't watch the anime either of course

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I think by gamers they didn't mean those who play video games but rather those who participate in this game of misunderstandings. So even you misunderstood the title in the grand scheme of misunderstandings
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Has any anime ever made you feel like this, /a/?
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Texhnolyze pissed me off about as much as she did, so yeah, sure
Like dropping it? Yes.
Like shrugging? All the time.

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