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Is this a thread about series where best girl loses?
Cherio !
Katanagatari is one of my favorite anime.

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I wanted desu nendoroid but they only made shinku and junku. Because "S3" had no desu to speak of. SAD
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Holy shit! I've been avoiding /a/ for 5 years already, and when I came back there's a fucking DESU Thread! THANK YOU DESU CHAN!!
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its actually bean ages since ive scene a desu tread

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Turns out Jinbe is more useful that Zoro and Sanji combined.
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And that's exactly why he'll die this arc.
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Daily reminder this is SaNa chapter.
fuck you

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New chapter of our favourite monthly has just been released
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>just been released

I read it 2 days ago, it was great
Meh, read raws with fast translations 2 weeks ago. Also if you want the thread to live, dump it.

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Is she Hanakana's best role to date?
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Her best role is in the game Shadowverse lel
Tittyko is a damn good role of hers for sure. I'll leave it to others to decide if it was her best; I'm not knowledgeable enough about her roles to decide.
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For me it's still her.

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Post cute and innocent bat in this thread.
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I'll post a bit to start it up.
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What do you think about Flame of Recca? Have you seen it? Have you read it?
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loved the OP


i liked the show but didn't feel like reading the manga after finishing it/10
>i liked the show but didn't feel like reading the manga after finishing it
You should. And from the beginning

I was reading it (about 2nd vol) and it seemed kinda meh, does it get better later?

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Story apart do you actually enjoy the manga's art style?
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No it's fugly, stiff, unexpressive garbage like everything Toriyama did after the 80s.
He is obviously not as good as Tori in his prime, but I like that artstyle

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>2D Reika animated never
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I wanted to fuck the busty black haired girl.
>super hot tit cow introduced early on
>constantly cucks MC and killed off early
>the greatest waifu of our time Reika comes in later
>will never be properly animated and is killed off screen

Is there a bigger asshole on this planet than Hiroya Oku?

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So who did she bake cookies for the first time?
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Whoa, didn't think 8man would be browsing /a/.
We're all 8man, anon.

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It's almost 4 AM but I'm still wide awake.
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I'm almost 40 but I'm still alive.
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mods are asleep post wide
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Who is the most thoroughly depressed anime character?
Besides the guy from Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei
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The 8th Yakumo
Probably Shinji Ikari

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pic related is me

7/10, it's cheerful and fun, not the greatest story of all time.
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Kill yourself
Manga is an easy 9/10

Anime is a 5 though. rearranging Kobayashi's subtle story arc so the whole thing feels like a plateau where nothing happens.
But you know, it's necessary to get the entire cast in as fast as possible, so that entire cast can spend the rest of the series buying food and sleeping.

They got 4 extra points for the intro being good.
The only thing redeemable about the OP is those dragon booty swinging side to side,Kannafags can go fuck themselves,Fafnir's ass is the one that made it even better

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So we are all very familiar with casual filter anime and manga that allow us to know who functions at a lowest common denominator of baseline taste. With the proliferation of anime and to a far lesser extent, manga, these have deteriorated as filters and are no longer very useful for finding people with enough taste and sense to discuss /a/ topics with.

This is truer every day on /a/, where you can expect to easily find people watching the current anime season (nothing inherently wrong with this but often demonstrates sheep-like tendencies and lack of taste), or people who have only just graduated from baby's first anime and assume that their love of Mushishi, Oreimo or Fate makes them well-read or watched.

With the proviso that I have nothing personally against these people, I suggest that it trying to discuss other types of anime or manga can lead to conversational dead ends with these folks. Therefore, I find it prudent to establish a shorthand for knowing who's up on the more patrician tastes behind the curtain.

What are patrician filters, my friends? I find that while not every historical manga is good, the many that are, are largely ignored. Pictured here is Ad Astra - Scipio to Hannibal, an excellent historical manga. You will be hard pressed to find regular threads about people following Cesare or Historie's scanlations.

What are some other filters that you know of?
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>So we are all very familiar with casual filter
No. It's a relatively recent idea that I suspect was imported from another board, and while I theoretically understand what you mean by it, I refuse to make myself familiar with the concept. It's stupid and unhelpful.
Relatively recent, you mean? The concept has been around for years and it is fairly useful for time management when it comes to quality discussion. The idea that it's some sort of crossboarder import is fairly silly, anon.
>The concept has been around for years
No, it has not. But I wouldn't expect a newfag to know such things.
By the way, /a/ has always been primarily about currently airing shows. If anything, that focus has been lost in recent years. Lurk more.

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fukken epik
Go back to facebook.
Good thread

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