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Which KyoAni girl would be the best for anal?
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not this one

this one is for throwing into a dumpster
I know for a fact Ritsu was made for anal
Rikka. The ass was fat.

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why is this allowed?
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don't you know, anon? it's because women are physically incapable of raping other women
it's not sexual assault, it's beautiful yuri
>women are physically incapable of raping other women
retard alert
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I thought this guy was a cunt because he was genuinely frustrated by Yoshiko's antics but it turns out he's a natural cold asshole. Worst boy of the season
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>worst boy of the season
Not so fast.
Are you implying something?
What the fuck is wrong with you? He's clearly best boy of the season.

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Scans soon
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What should Deku's next power up be?
full cowl 10%
>Cold breath

>Heat vision

>Starts making some of his own gadgets

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Chapter is out on mangaONE app. Dumping raws with rough translation.

>This guy is…
>No way…

>It’s Kageyama Shigeo.
>His power has become uncontrollable and something from within him has come to the surface.

>Seriously… I feel bad about having to clash with Ritsu’s brother…
>However, this isn’t the type of situation where we’re allowed to show kindness.

>(It’s not like I remember you ever being kind, though…)
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>A direct hit!?
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>(He can’t move at all…)
>P-pops… Aren’t you getting old? You can’t even evade properly anymore…

>His (probs Touichirou’s) energy’s been withering ever since the big explosion from earlier happened?
>I… I really have to do this alone?


>Don’t make such a racket.
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>I just needed to borrow his energy to compensate for the power I’m missing, that’s all.
>…So you took that hit on purpose?
>By just taking a few blows I was able to replenish a considerable amount of energy.

>Whether we win or we lose will be decided here and now.
>Will you help me? Shou.
>What’s the plan?

>Kageyama Shigeo is slowly walking towards his place of destination.
>In that case, let’s follow his path and push him back.

>That’s it?

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If you could guarantee that nobody found out, would you visit a cafe with only cute boys serving?
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I rather visit a cafe with cute lolis serving
If an establishment is employing boys and forcing them to dress like that, I would report them to the FBI.
But that's a granny.

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Why the fuck did you tell me this was good?
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Because it is good you tasteless pleb.
It's good, stop making stupid bait threads already.

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hiko vs ken.jpg
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I just want to know opinions on this matchup.
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Seijuro wins every time
Is it because he has a sword?
They both Kill the op for being stupid.

What are some famous quotes from japanese animations ?
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AYEAYE (it means he's very fast)

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>ITT:we post better versions of a character.
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rei iii.png
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Is this the best villain ever created?
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No, he's not perfect.
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>cell will never give you the succ

Imperfect form is best form, I would be gay just for him.

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>have magic eyes
>can't tell that the count poisoned her father

What a useless slut Yumina Urnea Belfast is
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The whole anime sucks
Nah it's a fun harem if you have nothing better to watch
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Maybe you just have bad taste.

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What's your first association when someone says "anime"?
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Lonely otaku.
>must be a narutard

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Is there an anime with more wasted potential?
Made a season that explains the origin and story of the digital world and let the fucking children
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It's almost over. Tri was a mistake.
02 atleast had Adventure Tri is nothing but teen angst.

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Can Rin be defined as a loli?
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How old is she?
Old enough.
That's the point. You have to tell without knowing her age.

Just look at her body.

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