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just like that
Stop posting this even though it's true
The autists constantly trying to suck Kyoanus only make it worse.

So attack on titan is just another generic zombie apocalypse story but with giant zombies?
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Yeah, but also is in medieval age with spiderman soldiers
it's also homoshit.
I know this is bait, but it's Mecha.

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Is NTR the pinnacle of eroticism?
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No, bondage is
Close. However, you are mistaken and it is as a matter of fact lolidom.
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Only if it involves you're waifu and you self insert as her.

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I think it goes Gilgamesh>Alex=Heracles>Lancelot>Diarmuid>Saber=Archer/EMIYA=Cu>Gilles>Medea>Kojiro>Hassan>Medusa
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It's amazing how wrong that is.
Fate/Zero is shit and inferior to FSN.

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Touko best Kugyuu.
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Why does Mugi look so pretty in sundresses?
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Mugi always looks pretty.
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Because of your excellent taste in Keions.
name one fricking person who doens't look better in sundresses

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Title: The Other Side of the Wall
This is the full version.

The instrumental version is just a modified copy of the original mp3, because I can't find any download of the real instrumental version; not even through official sources. Hopefully, someone will upload the official version that apparently comes on the physical copy soon.

Feel free to add to this in your recording, of course.

Send submissions to [email protected] by September 10.
Please send just the recording of your voice, without the music.
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Why not sing the ending instead?

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Gaiden second episode
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>inb4 whining about Sumire
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Salad is for chopping
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Salad is for Shin orgy

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one piece > two pieces
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Two piece leotard are a thing?
Definitely. The one time I've seen a one piece swimsuit in the past few years was on this fat tumblr chick but I got a boner in the hot tub seeing her

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Who was the blond girl in the picture?
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I don't remember anything from this confusing ass show even though I distinctly remember enjoying it.
Naoko Kamikishiro
Thank you

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I forget, is itachi just running around in a reanimated body doing good deeds for the world now? He broke the control seal or whatever right? Or is he completely dead?
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His reanimated soul goes back to ninja heaven after bopping kabuto and emotionally dicking his brother one last time
he's gone for good, like he should have been when he died the first time
That would actually be hilarious if he pretended to disappear in the light and somehow sasuga'd his way out of edo tensei

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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One day...png
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Yeah, that's nice. I'm into it for sure.
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So is she the new nakama or not?
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this manga sure became shit after the timeskip
>Still repeating this meme in 2017
Your shitpost sure remained stale since the timeskip.

Try to read past Dressrosa.
>This fanservice
Furries and giant boobs now? Fuck man, oda is taking it far.

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Who is more spooky?
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Manga Ozen
left (manga version) is love
right is a literal (seasonal) meme girl
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This nigga knows.

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Can girls (male) love other girls?
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Post your best Astolfos.
As long as she bullies his dainty little bitchstick and the heat of her pussy is all he needs to cum.
Guys can love girls, yes. What kind of question is this? Are your parents both males?

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