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Left, right, center.
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Left for obvious reasons.
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>not middle
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>liking middle

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How come EVERYONE hates Yohane?
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Konan is the new hot thing
I don't hate her, she's my favorite
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She's my 2nd favourite and I usually hate chuuni type characters. Blame Dia for being in the same show and taking her 1st place spot in my book.

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Are girls being comfortably-bisexual by default just the anime standard?

Can you name any anime girls who confidently reject the touch of another woman?
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Fuck off.
Fuck off.
It's the real life standard.

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What is your honest opinion of Gurren Lagann, /a/?
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My favorite anime
I like it, sure it has flaws, but it's a solid show.
Not perfect but damn fun to watch

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What went so horribly wrong?
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They removed Araragi's internal monologue.

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>yfw Konosuba ended and S3 never
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Hi Anon! What are you doing out this late on March 31 2017? Are you going to the premiere of Ghost In The Shell Starring Scarlett Johansson too?
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Um, it's only six in the evening
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Show me the proof you're not blue this time.
Wrong board.

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Queens chapter 9 is out

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>top girl is dead
>people still watch this trash
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element yuri.jpg
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Being taken out by Inferno's guandao was terribly ironic.
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Nutrition: 5/5

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>You are the Fullmetal Alchemistâ„¢!

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Is there a better name drop than this?
It was a pretty good reveal scene, esepecially as a cliffhanger.Really liked how they played the intro at the end of the episode.
but didnt they explain in the show why he was named fullmetal? when I heard it , it made complete sense. I wonder if it was jsut 2003 or both. might have to look at the wiki.

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pic now related
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What kind of retarded ITT is that.
Why not? Kancolle is entry level as fuck.
> getting a dub release

for what purpose?

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I could translate it, but kinda hate non japanese speaking /a/ for wanting /djt/ removed. Too bad.
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YuruYuri will never get English release
>futago no teitaku scans is kill

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What's the appeal of getting bullied by your imouto?
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The appeal of incest and the appeal of femdom
I didn't like this doujin since I prefer if there is at least SOME sort of affection beneath all the dom coming from the sister. I didn't feel any here.
Can you guys make more hentai threads? Asking for a friend.

Egg in a burger
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Seems pretty normal to me, lots of specialty burger places do it.
not an uncommon offering as a choice in restaurants that serve a variety of different burgers.
Fucking delicious.

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Please explain why do you love him.
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i don't love boys with weak jawlines
But I dislike him
The homoeroticism in his scenes with Shonje both in original and rebuild is cringy and unconvincing. Only girls like him for his sex appeal.
>Make a shitty bootleg in a parody show
>Ends up being a much better character

Based Trigger

>It's a "characters are trapped in an isolated hostel" episode

Why did they stopped making these type of cases? They were Top Tier Comfy
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The zombie one is relatively recent I guess
Why dont they have some rape crime scenes? Possibly with the black "im the criminal" guy putting the dick in some nekkid womans pussi. Would be pretty good to masturbate to
i agree those are comfy. what are your top fav comfy episodes?

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