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Ougi is lewd.
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Ougi is sex.
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The girl who made me gay

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ITT : MC dies in the last episode
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ITT: MC dies almost every episode
But he died in the first episode

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Dumping ch59 raws
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wait wait wait wait...

when was this a thing?
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Norman is shipped, Emma falls into depression. Ray completely loses his spirit; "it's fine. i'll die here."
Isabella visits the bed-ridden Emma. She says that she will recommend Emma to be a Mama candidate.
She says, if you become an adult and you give birth to a child, and your ability is recognized, you can come back here.
Emma refuses. Time passes, until the day before Ray's birthday.
With completely dead eyes, Emma heads to the dining room. (**presumably her foot is healed up now??)
In the dining hall Ray is waiting. He says; "In truth, you haven't given up at all, have you?"
And in response, Emma's expression changes to a fierce smile.
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>title of the episode is the name of a character
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>title of the episode is the name of the show
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>last episode's name is the title of the show

(It's a good idea, just worn out)
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>when the shit streaming site only has episode numbers and no episode names

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Well this look stupid as all fuck.
Picked up I guess.
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The manga is fun, hope it won't be fucked up.
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MC is a cool guy, anime will probly go through till the 5th volume, since that covers the first story arc.Unless SilverLink butchers this like what they did on Anti-Magic.
last couple chapters were pretty good.

sumo and boxing with a bear

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If it isnt flip flappers, then what is the best looking anime ever?
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It wasn't even the best looking anime of its season, that was Yuri on Ice.
FlipFlap was fun but it ain't anywhere close to being one of the "best looking anime".

Will there ever be another anime as great as Madoka?
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Probaly. Those are far and few inbetween though.
Fuck this it's time to rewatch Madoka
I didnt like madoka.

Treat Shinka how you would like Shinka to treat you.
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so rough sex
So steal her hairclip?
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Translation is out.

Oh look, the "What If" cliche

A-tan best girl.
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There's 5 chapters left and Hayate still doesn't even know she's interested in him romantically. Hina has way lesser chances than Nagi and Hamster.
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>A-tan best girl
You wish.

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Did you ever feel ashamed when watching terrible anime ? Watched pic related in the bus and I couldn't help thinking "everyone's going to asdume that I'm a huge anime pleb".
Completing this show was one of the most painful experiences I ever had with anime and I'm glad this shit is finally done.
also re:zero hate thread
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Hell yeah Absolute trash
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Why would I be ashamed with how bad someone else made their anime?

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The Mary Sue has come!
I only watched the anime and never played the game. She doesn't seem particularly Mary Sueish to me. It's not like she managed to gattai while Rose failed at it or something.
Do people just call her that because she's a worthless loser in the game so the anime version seems perfect in comparison?
I assume he actually means Rose

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Kill la Kill was a good anime. Prove it otherwise.
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It was shit and this was your pity (You).
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smile collage.jpg
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I will do no such thing.
that shit means nothing if i cant enjoy it

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Why don't you hate Tomoka like I do?
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kill yourself
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tomoka is best girl
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Because I have a soul, unlike you.

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Luffy's going to miss the cue due to the ear plugs. Mark my words.
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Pudding-chan is CUTE
First for the Keks Launcher.
>Big mom is actually Vegapunk's test subject
>a photo imbued with soul fruit

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