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Post your inferior waifus here.
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The fuck did you say about my waifu?

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>Shinji is still the best MC ever created

How come?
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ITT : better MCs than Shinji
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>oedipus complex
>whiny as hell
>serious daddy issues
>crippling depression
>hates on people who care about him
>victim complex
>has the hots for a boy
>never tries to open up to others
>complains about being lonely

How is that a good MC

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Yo, how do you know if someone is best girl? I'm not only talking about my picture but in general. What are some qualities best girl has to bring to the table to make her, well, the best girl?
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Best girl is the one you like the most.
Ironically I have a lot of qualities in common with 3, but I'd say from this image I'd peg 6, 5, and 0 as the best girls.
Top 5 P5 girls
Lavenza > Chihaya > Tae > Makoto > Sadayo > rest of girls in game

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Name 1 (one) better movie that came from TV series.
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Be Invoked
Fire Walk With Me.

>inb4 >>>/tv/
The one who provokes something can't inb4 it.

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Can Gabi save this manga?
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Endgame right here, brothers.
EH is canon.
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Gabi is the queen we deserve.

Spoiler maybe soon.
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Bellamy should have joined Law.
Soon someone post SaNami

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Characters who did literally nothing wrong.
I'll start
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Technically he didn't. He acted against who he thought was a traitor and had evidence of it.
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This. Based Ougi is a hero
The evidence that was given by the prince of the Empire he was fighthing against and the nigger from that Empire that he fucked. But Ohgi is not a traitor.

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You were there?
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I never got tired of that joke.

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Happy birthday to Chiaki Nanami! Say something nice about her!
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Couldnt do it with out ya
I want a fleshlight with Chiaki's software in it.
Disgusting whale.

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how do I become cool like Mr. Kaji, so cool that I'm also the coolest guy in pictures and flashbacks?
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Be someone else.
Stop reposting this, you piece of shit.
Fuck off Reifag

How did Oyasumi Punpun made you feel?
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make* ffs
agry because 70 chapters were wasted on a shitty ass cult and other 30 were wasted on the retard that ended up with amnesia.
Annoyed. First part was pretty good and then it devolved into an edgefest with the stupid good vibrations shit on top.
I felt fucking relieved when that bitch died tho

If you kept the same show and made them anime girls it would be a 10/10 anime. Prove me wrong.
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pretty sure that has happened already
That would be the worst harem fucking ever.
That's bollocks

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>feudal Japan

What did she mean by this?
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Well the series takes place in a fictional era of japan where cow tit fetishists seized political and military power, thus causing a new class divide where women with massive breasts became nobility and flat women became worthless.

Body modifying sword magic allowed the government to maintain this class distinction by giving them the power to shrink breasts without causing bodily harm to it's citizens, probably to prevent rebellion that would otherwise be caused by unnecessary bloodshed. Another technique also allowed the stealing of breasts but it was tied to one bloodline or some shit and probably has some role in the formation of hierarchy

In addition to being uplifted by male value in this fictional era, it is implied that breast size correlated with sexual gratification (flat hinata-like girl at the end of the series acts like someone who's never masturbated before in her life in the OVA) and thus adds another level of value women hold for them beyond sex appeal and wealth.

Despite her design, Kaede had d-cup breasts at the beginning the series and wants them back, despite character development making her seem to more or less begin to enjoy the notion of being flat while making her breast envy turn more into an excuse to molest her best friend since it's implied she is at least bisexual.
lol autist
So that's how it is? OP just made this thread so he could make a one post meme.

Is it a plea for manyuu lewds? I won't post any because Hiro and the mods are inconsistent with the nipple rule.

Why is he so cool?
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because he is a living meme
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Why is she so lovable?
I don't know if a cold vagina would feel good

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Someone call the ambrance!
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Is there someone here who can draw, or knows a drawer to make fanarts about pic related ? There are way too few Megumin bullying fanarts.

There is already a based anon who has drawn a fanart about the first one in the list.

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