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What anime has made you rage the most?
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Psycho Pass.
Jojo. And I've never even watched it.

Or maybe True Tears.

Man, imagine Kyoani making a WMT style show in this kind of visual design. They could make an actually great show instead of one moeshit after another.
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They can, but they wont, since it doesn't sell.
Just to satisfy some faggot on /a/ it's not worth, unless you yourself are going to buy 5k BD copies.
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When will KyoAni stop making masterpieces?
Bot VEG is literally that type of show.

Konosuba isn't actually funny and the only reason it's popular is because of waifufags.
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Lying to yourself isn't good anon. If you didn't at least chuckle to the 'hai hai kazuma dayo's then you are a failed human.
Depression can often lead to people not enjoying things they usually do, or would have enjoyed. I'm worried about you OP, there must be someone you can talk to this about. I hope you get better, I care about you bud.
Not really.

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wait this is a boy? what the fuck
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His name is Shouta.
Are you retarded?
There are still people who can't predict when a character is going to be a trap?

Was this called Xam'd Lost Memories, because I can't remember a single fucking thing about this series
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>not remembering Nakiami
>not remembering the designs and animation and world
>not remembering the OP/ED/some of the OST
>not remembering the complete fucking nonsense that was the last ~six episodes and Nakiami sleeping for a thousand years
>not remembering "WHERE IS YOUR ENEMY"
This show had serious fucking issues in the latter half, but I definitely wouldn't call it forgettable.
All I remember was that the show had a god tier OP.
fucking let down of a show.

No ending.
vague rip off of ghibli films.
shitty antagonists

I'm watching this show now, should I drop it at this point or does it not go to shit after?
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>I'm watching this show now,
I believe you.
It gets better
It's pretty gay

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Why is there no One Punch Man Game?
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Because by definition of the protagonist, it would be very, very boring.
A beat-em-up where the main character is the super secret overpowered bullshit character you unlock last.
So perfect for a musou.

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So what does /a/ think of Inuyashiki?

I enjoyed every chapter, never a dull moment. Main antagonist is a fag though.
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Latest chapter made me drop it. The premise is fucking stupid.
>Main antagonist is a fag though.
The one reason I dropped this garbage
I enjoy it, but the last chapter makes me fear for a Gantz-type end result.

I, personally, find the premise to be intriguing - the manga hasn't quite done it perfect justice, but it is good nonetheless.

>the last Konosuba episode will air today
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Thank god, the whole sauna town has been miserable to watch
I completely forget it's only 10 episodes. Fuck me.
Thank christ i got Samurai Jack to watch still.

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How often do you rewatch shows?

Or do you just save everything you watch?
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Why do you call D "Everything" if it's just one drive among several ones?
>How often do you rewatch shows?
Only the ones I really liked when the BDs are out. One time.

>Or do you just save everything you watch?
I delete after finishing.
I think the only thing I've ever rewatched was Watamote because I was too lazy to download something new and it didn't have a real overarching story.

Why would I rewatch things when there are literally thousands of anime I've never seen before to watch instead?

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I can't be the only one excited for One Punch Man second season
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>excited for One Joke Man
I will enjoy it when it arrives, but I'm not exactly holding my breath, OP.
you are

>10/10 battle harem anime don't exi-
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what did he mean by this
It's a comedy.

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Post times when the M.C was smooth as fuck!
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Is this a shoujo? Male characters aren't usually this forthcoming unless they're being set to lose hard.
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He is alpha. He has 9 kids with a hot secretary.
It's seinen and the MC is pretty based.

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Hentai dialogue is the best comedy to come from Japan and I'm 80% sure it's completely unintentional.
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Something something alligators.

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I can't tell if Compa is more sexy or more cute.
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id say more worst girl
She is a pure and adorable maiden you wretch.
Go back to fawning over Black Heart.
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Huh? Why?

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