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Agni forgave Doma.
I don't think this is a surprise for anyone since it was the obvious conclusion for this "arc", but I want to see some opinions on it.
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that sucks,
honestly i was close to dropping this when the director had that tranny background reveal.
this might just push me to the edge
>dropping a manga which has a main villain whose objective is reseting the world so he/she can watch Star Wars
This was the filter we needed for shitters like >>154654918

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Ruru is a very little girl with a big butt
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So am I
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This is how it must have ended
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I want to stick it in there.

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Why doesn't Vagabond get an anime adaptation?
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because the vast majority of the audience who watches anime are massive plebs who have no interest in that kind of subject matter, or art style for that matter
It also has alot of talking with nothing happening which would propably drive alot of people away
Anime would ruin it, no way they'd be able to use that artstyle and do it justice

Maybe a movie but even then I highly doubt it'll work. Better to leave it as is

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Pretty subtle
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Oh shit I didn't catch that.
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Shouta reminds me of Stockings with that hair.

How does /a/ feel about this classic?

I just finished it, and loved it. Some of the gags were way ahead of their time.
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It has the cutest OPs and EDs.
Watch the second movie directed by guy who made GitS. Very well made.
I've only seen it around in vaporwave related stuff. What's it about. Comedy?

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iku wa yo, wa ga naka!

spoiler alert:
danny was [mostly] right

Chapter 149: Hero
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>Narrator: Official Residence of the Prime Minister
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>Abe: What is this...?
>Utsumi: It's a shield.
>N: Superintendent General of the Metropolitan Police, Utsumi Shunzou
>A: A shield...
>U: It is a shield used by the riot police.
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>A: I don't have that much time.
>A: Can you be brief?
>U: It was cut by Miyamoto Musashi.

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Can orgasms be transmitted through the Misaka network?
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Yeah, sure, why not.
Then couldn't it be used as a weapon of mass NTR seeing as the imoutos like touma and Last Order likes Accelerator?
Last Order likes Touma. She sticks with Accel because the clones have a vested interest in him atoning for what he did. He's basically their prisoner.

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水行末 雲来末 風来末
パイポパイポ パイポのシューリンガン
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Is Bonney Mother Carmel?
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Nah. She had some reason to want to avenge Whitebeard though.
What's the connection to Ace/WB then?
If Mother Carmel is a character we have already met, probably.
She does have a lot of visual similarities to Big Mom, especially her cake ship, and her fruit hides her true age. She also somehow knows Whitebeard, so that might be an explanation as to how.

Hard to commit to the theory when all we know is Carmel's name.

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god blow.gif
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DEEN spent all their budget on this.
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That was pretty generic.
In the source material it's Megumin who gets to destroy the slime. RIP

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Which animator won in the end? What's Yukari's most canon size?
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why was the last thread deleted?
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why is she so perfect

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Can someone tell my why Japan is so obsessed with having characters speaking in third-person? Are they trying to normalize autism?
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It's cute.
Anon thinks it's cute too desu desu
How is it cute? I'ts annoying as fuck

>theater full of Chinese who keep switching on their phones
>subtitles were a wall of text covering half the screen because we need triple language subs in this 3rd world multiculti clusterfuck
>HK-tier translations
>untranslated signs
>Asuna bath censored with zoom-in because haram
>Kirito and Asuna bed scene censored with zoom-in because haram
>Plot full of holes
>Pacing is fucked
>At least ten minutes of recycled TV animation
>Yuki Kajiura's ran out of music ideas and just recycled the same thing over and over
>Nowhere near enough Sinon
6/10 it was OK, what did /a/ think of SAO the movie?
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How can Kirito become a pro enough AR fighter to beat a guy with a combat computer, but he can't beat Johnny Black with dual umbrellas?
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>still watching SAO
Fuck Odex

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Why are chuunis so great?
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It depends on your level of chuuni
For some people it's actually debilitating
I hide my power level and use it for dire situations only
It's a kind of retard moe.
Sort of? I find it cute because I still haven't shaken off my own completely from 9 years ago, I just absorbed it into my personality. It's an actual thing, you just need to know when to stop and who you can actually bring it up to. Glad Chuunibyou came out though, explained how it feels pretty well.
How people react to having it as they age varies widely.
There's the Yuuichi/Nibutani tier that shuns it and cringes at the mere thought of their past antics.
There's my tier that accepts it but covers it pretty well except if I'm doing something like hiking or if I were to get jumped one day for sheer hype factor. Usually has a fair grip on reality but keeps it around anyway.
There's the Yoshiko tier which is wanting to break out of it to be "normal" but being unable to because it's a part of you.
There's the Rikka/Dekomori tier who will mention it to literally anyone at the drop of a hat and try and fight you with nonexistent attacks. Usually still harmless, this is the type most common in anime.
Then there's the Final Fantasy cult tier chuunibyou that is an actual danger to themselves and to others. Look that one up on your own if you want.

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What does /a/ think of gay characters in anime?
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I don't.
Don't name your show Yuri if its have Yaoi.
just like in real life they ruin everything they touch

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