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This is a Strawberry and it is her birthday today. Say something nice about her.
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Happy birthday Starmiya!
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She's very cute. Happy birthday Ichigo.
same day as my little sister

Aside from being a cracking good movie, the plot does pose some interesting questiions.
What happened to the remaining items? We know one is destroyed and the other in the afterlife, so are the others awaiting to be unearthed?
Also, what exactly is the afterlife? Is it another dimension and thus simply another plain of existance? I mean, it's pretty cool that the afterlife is like ancient Egypt.
And is Kaiba dead now?
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Wait, this shit is out?
Out in cinema for a month.
BR rip is also on nyaa but no subs yet.
Yeh, the Japanese DVD and BR came out last week. Worth watching if you speak the lingo.

The US dub was shit, but then all dubs by 4media are.

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shingeki no kyojin.jpg
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Mikasa best grill confirmed?
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She was always best girl.
Where is best girl's Eren Annie song?

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You are now manually contemplating the fact that K-On started the season after Toradora and Clannad After Story ended.
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>A shitty anime aired after two other shitty anime
Great thread
I hope I don't hurt your feelings by saying this, but... you are a nimrod. After Story is a masterpiece.
that was back when anime was good

How come there´s so much hate for this show in /a/ or any other anime watcher? I´m a beginner when it comes to watching anime (just started a year ago) but this show is actually really good.
But some still rather ask for more Highschool DxD...
Hopefully we get the mangaka to start writing again. I read the last chapters and it really keeps getting awesome.
Shame on you /a/nons... Shame on you....
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>so much hate
You'll fit right in making threads here then.
Fuck off.
Stop typing like a retard and fuck off.
fuck off retard

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Characters that survived to fatal wounds.
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>lose arms and legs for the pussy
>lol i'm ok

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If you were in charge of Mashiro-duty what would you do?
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Lewd and cute things.
I would choose and change her underwear.
Name some cute things.

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Pink Aoi
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>old hags
>old hags
Yes please.

This thread is dedicated to only series with a GOAT OST.
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What's your favourite ACE OST track?

[email protected] best track
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2-5,7-8,10,12 . What do?

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Was there ever a character that was a bigger disappointment than Kariya+Berserker?
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Kariya's been a disappointment from the moment he was born.
I think having high hopes for a Berserker class is pretty foolish. If they all got the Heracles treatment then Heracles wouldn't be special at all, which kinda defeats the point.
>Hating on lancelot/assault mode

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Stop making fun of her name. Now.

She a Megumin, not a Megumeme.
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I'd fuck a megumeme
More like Megushit.
If I had to choose between living a life with megameme or literally anything else, I'd do literally anything else

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Hayase looks perfect with the long hair, why cut it.
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Because she looks even more perfect with short hair.
Go on...

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Who in the UK is seeing it today?
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yes, 7:00 tonight
Should be good, been planning this for a month
Singaporean anon here. Be warned, this movie demands its audience pay attention for its entire running time. It's brilliant if you catch everything, but you can very easily lose track and miss large swathes of the story.

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So apparently, lot of my internet bros told me I should watch FLCL, but I'm unsure about it so I want to ask you.

Is it worth watching?
Is the story good?
Are there any fillers?
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It only has 6 episodes so you should watch it out of the way. It was pretty funny and entertaining in my opinion, but it wasn't that good what people made it to be. Still pretty underrated though, so go ahead and watch it.
Kill yourself
Even if you'll hate it, it's still worth watching.

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What does /a/ think about this manga?
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Even though literally nothing happened so far, the art makes it feel eerie, in a "calm before the storm" kinda way.

I do hope something wil happen soon-ish, before the feeling goes from holding from breath to wasting your time.
let me know when they fuck
I'm really hoping for incest.
I want something really taboo. Makes it interesting.
But y'know editors and publishers always prevent because it's bad for society"
But they don't realize it's just make believe.

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