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Why are KyoAni and Dogakobo so fond of having their anime's cast singing the OP or the ED? Other studios do it as well but not to the same extent: the last time a KyoAni anime didn't have a cast member singing the OP or ED was Nichijou, while I can't even recall the last Dogakobo show where the cast didn't sing the OP or ED. Also, what is up with these two studios always using newbies for their shows?
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GabDro's OP and ED are exceptionally good so I won't complain.
Was never complaining: in fact, I agree with you that GabDro's OP and ED are pretty good. I just find it weird that Dogakobo almost always has the cast do the OP and ED of their shows. They and KyoAni are the only studios who do this with such consistency.
Because it kind of makes the whole thing more tightly roped so it doesn't feel like the OP/ED is just a CM for some music company that of course is part of the committee. The OPs/EDs where the cast is singing are the best even if the song is not that good.

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Shh, she's asleep. Don't wake her up.
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*whips out dick*
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Wake up. We need you for S3.

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Simon or Kamina?
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Simon. Kamina is cool and all but seeing Simon grow from a little baby into a badass was pretty great even if he's totally bitting Kamina's style.
Both are precious.
>Simon: Literally the most powerful entity in the known universe.
>Kamina: Some bitch-ass kid who got killed by a giant robot because he's too easily distracted.

Are there any raws I should pick up and scan for /a/? I just got to Tokyo.

I'd love to find the missing chapters of Made in Abyss, but that's probably impossible, right?
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This one perhaps?
I'll see what I can do.
Please pick up and scan Fate Zero. I can only ask that of you.

Started watching Log Horizon, but can't really get into season 2. Are the LNs any better and did the anime fuck up, or are the LNs as terribly paced?
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You sound new to anime.
The season 2 does a poor job at representing the arc imho. I liked the arc in the novel, it was not great tho
Just new to log horizon

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I want to look EXACTLY like Vigne.
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You're already a boy so that's a start
How are you going to become 2D?
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Vigne is a cute girl, motherfucker. Stop being gay.

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What the fuck was his problem?
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life is unfair
your not the boss of him now

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If you don't want the thread turns into saucefest, include the title in the filename or whatever, you elitist faggot.

Or just ignore saucefags.
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We berserk now.
Just read this after someone recommend it on Jump thread

pretty entertaining, I can see it taking the Kekkai Sensen/Bungo Stray Dogs route

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This is my wife Twintail Chino. Say something nice about her.
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She's good friends with my WIFE Syaro-chan.
I quite enjoy doujinshi featuring your wife.
I want to cum inside her.

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Today is Nanoha's birthday.
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Happy birthday
Rinne is so beautiful...

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New episode soon!
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Serika a shit.
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Where my senribros at?
Nono fag reporting.

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Is that official?
Yeah, associated with the new BD release
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Papia is still the best.

What was her fucking problem?
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where did you watch this?
At my local cinema in south west London, last night
Ueno is bueno. Also they fucked the scene where she beats the shit out of Shouko.

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Obviously sell my soul

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So, was GATE really just a JSDF propaganda piece?

Season 3 when?
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You have to go back, fuck off
how dare you

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