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Why do people love GTO so much? I liked it but I don't get how it's so universally well respected.

The anime is just a strictly worse version of Golden Boy.
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I remember the anime being a more joke-focused thing while the manga was more story-focused. I did find it funny but it wasn't amazing

The reason though is probably because anime is more popular than manga, "90s kids" rarely mention manga

Read then goddamn manga you fucking faggot, or don't bother talking about it.

IIRC they even improvised a shitty ending that went exactly against what was intended on the manga for the anime.
Increasing the IP count because this is so true.
>Read then goddamn manga
Point being that people praise THE ANIME, which is just alright, the manga is waaay better but still nothing worth to mention.

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He's the strongest character in fiction
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Let's be real here. Goku could beat him. Naruto could beat him. Fucking Luffy can beat him
He's a joke character in a gag manga, nothing more. He's not meant to be taken seriously, so stop with the power level shit.
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not even close

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Has bullying gone to far?
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Vigne probably took the food away from the dog because she remembered human food is bad for them.
vigne doesn't care about anything else other than getting her way.
When Satania gets the knot then we'll know if the bullying has gone too far or simply reached its logical conclusion.

Was it good?
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I thought this was from the same creator as Ghost Slide for a second there.
It was ehhhh.
It was ok.
Lots of style over substance and not enough time spent really unpacking the setting.
Also, several character suffer from inexplicable motivations or changes to their motivations just to accomplish story beats.
Overall, I don't regret watching it, but I can't really recommend it unless you were really engaged by the visual style of the previews or clips you've seen.

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Finally started playing this, did the first anime follow the first game's "True Route"?
What's /a/'s expectations and thoughts for Steins;Gate and 0?
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Pic related.
Yes, it followed the true end. The original VN and anime were excellent. I thought 0 was great but some people had complaints, which was inevitable with the original being so good. I'm hoping the 0 anime fixes some of the issues with the 0 VN so I'm hoping it's at least better than the VN in that regard but I don't think it'll be better than the original.
Even if Comittee of AntiMatter was cancelled, it was stated in plot summary that Kurisu and Okabe pursue a long distance relationship. So its end game, in any event.

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ITT: extremely shitty and annoying characters.
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i kind of tolerate him in stardust crusaders but he's just so fucking annoying during battle tendency
i don't understand why so many people like him

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Hi /a/,

I am working on a recurring neural net project. aka, advanced machine learning. If you're curious what this is, see here:

I would like to train my RNN to produce a script (in English) for an anime. I need your help. I need a lot of English sub data. A lot.

Does anyone know where I can get lots of English sub data for japanese cartoons (just the sub data). I can't really waste that much time downloading shows and pulling the sub data out of them by hand.

Also, what genre should I pick to train my RNN on? I'm thinking a harem anime script generator would be beautiful to behold, but I'm not sure if it would be as nearly as entertaining as a shounen one.
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You might find more help on /wsr/
Sounds like a lot of work since you'll have to transcribe all the Japanese since most shows don't come with Japanese subs.
It would be way too painful to make an RNN for Japanese and then translate it into English...

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what is in the box.png
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What was in the box /a/?
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Dragon dildos.

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Pandemonium is for Shinpachi only, get this NTR shit outta here.
Almost got me there you freaking faglord

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Why do you like dumb girls so much, /a/?
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They're fun.
They're cute.
Because smart girls would never want anything to do with us.

>No beach episode
>Most of the plot is about fetishes and cliches
>MC turns into a woman
>Weird humor
>Almost no Twoearle fanservice

This was an interesting but shitty anime.
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tt (4).png
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>MC turns into a woman
you talk like that's a bad thing
Best ED of the season
the anime had to cut down on a lot given how much they were trying to cover, it's really quite unfortunate as plenty of content, including most of Solar's was cut.

also if you want to check out some of the LNs someone's been slowly translating, we have threads usually when there's a release but they get posted at http://ultimaguil.org

Why does /a/ consider the new shows and movies shit?
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They fucked up the power levels. The art is shit. Horrible character development.
Less Toriyama input.
I'm kind of a newb when is comes to DBZ so you will have to help me out here a little bit. What main role does Toryiama play in the series anon?
Toriyama and his editors created the Dragon Ball manga

Dragon Ball Super is made by Toei and Toyotaro(Toriyama's pupil) and they follow very vague plot points given by Toriyama.

Toriyama clearly doesn't give a shit anymore because he doesn't put much effort.

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Underwhelming anime that you expected much more of
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Do you mean being there at the time or watching after its reputation has blow out of proportion?
its reputation has blow out of proportion
I enjoyed them both, but I didn't feel like Cowboy Bebop or Gurren Lagann were the masterpieces people claimed them to be

I didn't really care for 5cm/s Per Second or The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. They were pretty to look at, but that was about it

easy pickings, I know

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Should dorks be sexual?
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That's kind of disgusting to be honest
dorks are most, sexual'
best 'saucey' looking is dead limp fish sauce,
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But of course!

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So, what is /a/ consensus about which one is worse?
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Super is worse
GT is a poorly written and glorified fan fiction.
Super is fun, GT a shit.

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