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What is the point of butts in anime
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to look at and enjoy.
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Sniffing and looking.
Great. Another garbage thread. Are you proud of yourself, OP?

Do you like girls with guns?
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I prefer them defenseless.
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I like girls who are guns.
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Make or request /a/rt
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Previous thread >>154559509
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Requesting DFC-tan and DCT-tan playing Splatoon 2 multiplayer on the Nintendo Switch. Make sure DFC is losing badly (since she's terrible at Vidya and is a sore loser) while DCT isn't even trying.

They should be playing on the console, and if you draw the controller with the Joycons, make sure it's the blue/red ones.

Also, please be aware that DFC-tan is the older and taller sister.
Here's a reference of them playing video games.

Use this dagger to kill yourself.
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Episode 89.jpg
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Forgive me, I just wanted to have fun.
I didn't wanted that to happen.
Fuck off and stop posting this shit, you've done more than enough and now there are three threads up.

I'm leaving this Revy with you for a sec just don't post anything stupid while I'm gone ok?

be right back
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S-smoking is bad for you!!!
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Thanks I needed a light.

Have your prayed to your goddess lately?
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But that is not the benevolent and beautiful Aqua-sama. Simply some random whore.
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Each night...
Go to bed, Aqua

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Why are anime panties so significant?
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Because girls whi show their panties in real life are probably going to be sluts with 'sexy' lingerie, which doesn't do it for me because it's not what should naturally be up there. Also real panties are worn by 3dpd.
2D girls are cuter than 3D girls and wear cuter panties. Even when 2D girls wear sexy panties they're not the trashy ones 3D girls wear.

I hate to admit it though, but when a cute 3D wears 2D-style panties it hits me just as hard
If you need to ask, you are not ready to know.

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Something about the designs feels really off.
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It seems slightly more shiny and fluffy compared to the manga,but I'm okay with it
I keep forgetting that yandere in the manga has red hair too,feels weird now
Main girl reminds me of Merry

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You come home and find your girlfriend frightened in the wardrobe.
What do you do?
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I stop reading Matsumoto trash.
I take my meds because I'm hallucinating.
you shouldnt
I mean... his recent manga are bit too sketchy.
But Freesia and Tropical Citron are masterpiece

What did you guys think of this show?
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Made me gay
that Stocking is really fucking sexy

But she is actually a demon anon.

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ITT: proper trigger discipline
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>ITT: proper trigger discipline
You first, OP.

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I don't get it. Where the hell does KyoAni get the money to keep pouring into their ridiculously high quality animation? There was even that one time where they were able to make the same exact episode eight fucking times. It's amazing, but who the hell is funding this?

They don't seem to be slowed down by failures either. I've heard Nichijou didn't do so great but they're still going strong. And I don't know if this is true but people are saying Maid Dragon is flopping. Those could just be those shitposters from the stalker threads who want everything to fail though so that they can ruin every discussion with "Ha ha your show didn't make any money." But even if it does flop it's clearly going to have no effect on them as they move on to Violet Evergarden, which is likely to be the greatest anime ever made. So, how do they do it?
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What evidence do you have that indicates Violet Evergarden will be the greatest anime ever made?
trolled hard
I have a good feeling about it.

That's actually bad news though, because I had a good feeling about Yuri Kuma Arashi and that turned out to be shit. Which is even worse coming from me because as you know I enjoy just about everything.

How long did it take you to realize that

Mars > Venus > Jupiter > Mercury >> Moon

is the only logical decision?
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Mars is the sexiest but Jupiter has the best personality
Hahahaha, no.

Jupiter > Mercury > the rest
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Be it in terms of brain power or pure understanding
Reminder that this is the official chart of intelligence, ranked in terms of achievements
1 Desty Nova (Potential IQ: 270)
2 Shiho Miyano (Potential IQ: 235)
3 Yang Wen-li (Potential IQ: 168)
4 Hildegard von Mariendorf (Potential IQ: 157)
5 Paul Oberstein (Potential IQ: 155)
6 Reinhard von Lohengramm (Potential IQ: 150)
7 Oskar Reuenthal (Potential IQ: 145)
8 Wolfgang Mittermeyer (Potential IQ: 145)
9 Johan (Potential IQ: 195)
10 Fukube Hattori (Potential IQ: 170)
11 Anokata (Potential IQ: 190)
12 Pariston Hill (Potential IQ: 180)
13 Gin Freecs (Potential IQ: 180)
14 Akagi Shigeru (Potential IQ: 180)
15 Shinichi Kudo / Conan Edogawa (Potential IQ: 160)
16 L Lawliet (Potential IQ: 145)
17 Shinichi Akiyama (Potential IQ: 145)
18 Kiyomaro Takamine (Potential IQ: 190)
19 Sou Touma (Potential IQ: 157)
20 Light Yagami (Potential IQ: 142)

Inb4 "lelouch not here" but he's a lame tactician
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I'm too intelligent for this thread.
Kill yourself and stop remaking this thread already.

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Fuuka 2.0 is down to fuck.
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When do you think they'll release the OST for the anime? "For you" was pretty nice.
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Soundtrack is out today. Don't know if "For You" is on it. I imagine it'd be released as a single.
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Nevermind, it's on there.

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