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Time for a thread about Nurse Hitomi, and other cyclopes.

Also, there might be some Nurse Hitomi storytime, as well as Mako-chan.Monster Musume/monmusu discussion is welcome, but this thread is mostly about Nursr Hitomi and cyclopes
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OP is not during a storytime? Fine, I'll do it. With the first chapter.
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Haven't had a chance to post my waifu since /ss/, I'll gladly take this opportunity to do so

Also haven't heard of Nurse Hitomi before, I'll check it out OP

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I'm at 19 ep and I'm beyond mad.

>Taiga is a bitch to MC
>MC get hit but it's okay
>MC is doing shitload of chores for her for kicks in the face, and insults but it's okay
>Only common interest is "How to get these other people to like us" and it's basically it
>90% of the time "Ryu you're mutt, Ryu idiot"
>Taiga have her father issues and stuff what is very important
>Ryu have his father issues but this is irrelevant fuck him whatever
>So overall he does all the things for getting kicked and insulted and something nice happens on occasion......Truly a real Love.
>Kyoshi is nice, she tries to help her friends and considers other before herself.....lol fuck her, we need to give her a breakdown.

Just end my suffering
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Toradora is an embarrassment.
You're right that it's a tremendously overrated show.
It is often mentioned here and there so i figured what the heck, i can give it a try.

It was a great ride but the ending was a real letdown:
>it was all just a dream

I'd have rather the alien theory be true. Also:
>qt Mira dies

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>hype up by giving a whole arc two psychopaths who want to stay and rule the Borderlands
>they disappear the next chapter and never matter again

Well, at least, there's some sort of closure, I'll take it.
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We couldn't protect her smile :(
The ending was shit.
>it was all just a dream
hate that stuff. if they could remember everything, ok. But let them forget it all is the worst. let them with the memories let them be happy let them know what they have experienced.

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Typical DBZ cancer thread.
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Injured SS2 Trunks.jpg
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Have you ever cried watching anime?
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plastic memories.
no regrets

That genuinely made me cry lel

Also K-On and Kimi no Na wa

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Rate the latest waifu above your post, post your own waifu.
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>the latest waifu
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I meant the ltest post of a waifu above yours, you dingus.
>lol i learn about the waifu maymay from my epic facebook friend

Why is neo-/a/ so embarrassing?

Thoughts, opinions? Also, best girl?
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Chidori is best girl, the Franklin and Kuryuuin matches have ensured that so far.
Looks like utter shit. Generic echi crap with literally every trope and archetype imaginable
It's hard since they're all great. I'm definitely a Reikafag though.

A cute. I loved her smugness when she's alone with Reika.

Generic echi crap done really well. The characters are nice, it's entertaining to watch them and on top of that the fan service is actually done nicely. None of the archetypes are rigid either, they characters aren't cutouts without a personality of their own; which is what makes this nice and not just worthless trash. But whatever, anon.

the fuck the anime is called "Akame" ga kill if akame is not the protagonist or mc at all? She only has one episode centered around her and that was at the very end of the series.
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It's like The Legend of Zelda or Saving Private Ryan.
She's not even the love interest.
Because she's the best girl.

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Woop woop
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[Title is 'Nuisance']

Noro Akimasa
Year 2 Class 1 Volleyball club
An energetic guy. A super energetic guy. He's generally an energetic guy.
Himemiya Alice
Year 2 Class 7 Cooking club
A girl who's a little strange. She really hates Noro-kun.

The guy I like
[Side] This looks so goood
Is always next to him.

They've always been together throughout the school trip.
Even though I wanna talk to Takase-kun...

Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate
>worst girl chapter
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"Morning Himemiya!!"
"We didn't see each other yesterday, right?"
"I thought you were coming to my room, so I was waiting"

"Alice [would be]"
"If only you weren't there..."
"If only I wasn't there...?"

"Could it be..."
"You were waiting for me to be alone?"
"...oh you!!"


"She's telling you no, okay?"
"Alice doesn't..."
"Sorry sorry"
"You still don't like me, right?"

"We both don't know each other very well"
"So saying 'I like you' or 'I love you' "
"Is just childish"

"So just know this"
"The one I really like is..." [TN: Whoa, she actually uses a first person pronoun]
"Hold up"
"Let's save the taking for while we're eating"

"Heeeey Takase!!"
"Could this girl eat with us too!?"

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MgRonalds employee.png
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Welcome to MgRonalds

Can I take your order please?
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Go away, worst girl.
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A smile, kudasai.

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Raw 172
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thank you! I was looking for this
Non is not taking Misaki's shit
Rindou's ass can do photosynthesis. Takes in sunlight, farts out oxygen, then she breathes it in for cellular respiration.

Canonically sluts
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Only for one man
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The biggest.

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Do you still remember her?
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Yeah, Slphy, she always takes most space in pictures.
Is Muse fit?
Reminder that Muse is a dork with no friends!

Help! I can't get her out of my head!
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Why would you want her out of your head?
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what is this.jpg
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put cancer man's works in the correct order

protip - Paprika is NOT the best
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Tokyo Godfathers is the best
This. Paprika is his worst.
Millennium Actress > Tokyo Godfathers > Perfect Blue >> Paprika >> Paranoia Agent


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