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Naruto had some great fights before it went full retard with its kaiju and eye-hack wankery.
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It was pretty cool when it was chuuni vs chuuni and the kids could be put in their place by the adults. With the way it is now, anyone who isn't a ninja god or descended from them is just taking up space.
What was the biggest unexplained leap in power in the whole show?
no one else in the entire world besides Naruto using clones to multiply their training experience by 100

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left or right?
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Right is best.
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chuuni tits.jpg
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Chuuni tits.
Left of cour-
>13 years old

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This is how this will work.

>OP is Asuka
>First poster should become an anime character, and do something with OP.
>Anon chooses anime character, do something with the above poster.

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I'm not even sure what you're trying to say, but it sounds really stupid.
It's like you went into what I felt and translated it into text.
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Yotsuba rabbits.jpg
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They go to the petting zoo

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>Waiting for Overload season 2
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I've already got nearly a year long wait for Vol. 12.
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I want this chair.
Sex with Shalltear.

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Latest chapter is quite the roller coaster ride for poor Kaguya and her emotional state.
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Dump the rest OP
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She is so lovely.
I want her to rape me.
Please help me /a/.
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She's not lovely at all
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she is

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Where were you when motherfucking Studio DEEN made a masterpiece, /a/? Also Shouwa thread
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>Studio DEEN
I still can't believe it. What's next, a perfect adaptation by JC Staff?
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I was 13
What's the premise, and how good is this? I need another good anime to watch to escape from the depression for a while, and I've heard some good stuff about this.

The MAL page is kind of vague about the plot and I don't want to risk spoilers from looking it up, that's why I ask.

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Demons > Angels
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Why is Gabriel so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
Why is she holding a piece of shit?

Why does he actually look like he's never worked out a day in his life?
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Too many reps.
You won't get gains if you don't eat.
No protein and asian. Can't bulk up without eating

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>my great grandfather escaped war and persecution from his homeland
>my grandfather fought in the second world war against those who spread the same persecution
>my father a programmer, and has been since before the internets creation
>i sit quitely watching japanese cartoons about dragon maids
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But you don't watch dragon maids, you shitpost on /a/
Someone is trying too hard
You feel bad because you're a garbage NEET and dragon maid is all about the value of human society.

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Lafiel 2.png
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When you are just going about your day and your captain gives you this seductive look.

But seriously why does all the everyday things look so sexual with this mangaka?

Also Crest of the Stars thread.
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Lafiel 3.png
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Exhibit 2.

Am I strange for getting turned on by Lafiel walking in this image?
File: CrestOfTheStarsv01_p080.png (2MB, 1102x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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Cute goofy space elf waifu do not steal.
I can't wait to see Spoor in this manga.

We will likely have to wait until we are in seniors home when that happens.

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Bets on which God of Destruction has the biggest cock?
>inb4 one of them is a woman
False. It's a tranny.
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post best waifu
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yuya yamero.png
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Reminder that the OP is a retarded newfag

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best moms in anime?
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Isn't she a literal slut with a back ally conceivedbaby?
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Traps are not gay. Traps are Japan pandering to NEETs and failed males who want to convince themselves they're gay and create new problems to blame their inadequacies on.

Prove me wrong. Protip-- you can't.
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not /a/ related
People who like traps don't consider themselves gay in Japan. It's a 2D art fetish, it's only in the west that faggots try to convince everyone they're gay for fapping to traps
>the surge of trap/other dickgirl threads and the cancer they are isn't /a/-related

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It's Yuasa's birthday today. Say something nice about him.
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god I hate chinamen
Happy birthday! Please don't work yourself to death.
I watched Ping Pong recently and it's my new favorite anime.

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