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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Will you ever stop posting this?
Not that I want you to, just curious
But you didn't post it yesterday.
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I am indifferent to it.

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Post your favorite manga.

Pic related.
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Either this or Sun Ken Rock
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first manga i ever read and still nothing beats it.

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Just 2 episodes more until Anime is saved for the next 4 years.
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>Implying VRAINS would last that long
I wouldn't mind that one bit. What would the story need to do for that kind of length?
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Can't wait to hear
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all we need is more EDGE and less EGAO[/spoiler]
also put Ono into a cage where he won't be able to leave until VRAINS is over

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without kaban.png
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Mirai ist tot.
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Serval status: fucking dead.
Everyone will die
Bossu has two mommies. Let's bully her.

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This is your gyaru for tonight.
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Gyarus are useless since they don't want to become moms.
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Nah, I've got my own.

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Crab deserves only hate. Abusive, manipulative, violent, unfaithful bitch.
She is lying to Araragi about Kaiki for 5 fucking years.
Please hate Crab.
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I always liked cat better. Crab a shit.
Never liked Crab. She has some okay moments but I don't understand why she's worth all that loyalty that Araragi gives her when he seemed more into Cat or Bat. When he says he loves her, it comes off as a mantra for him to repeat so that he doesn't get tempted into loving better women
reminder crab and Kaiki fucked in canon.

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for what purpose.jpg
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someone help me understand this image
is there not a gap to his left he can walk up
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That's below it
the area to his left is offscreen
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five million years in paint

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What are some of your favorite foxes girls, /a/?
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I-I like yandere ones...
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She's basically the ultimate fox girl.
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pleased kon.gif
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What is /a/ opinion on Yamato Nadeshiko imoutos?
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Absolutely patrician.
She is definitely a virgin

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Is Reina a well-written character?
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I liked her autistic screeching scene

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Yet nothing in its genre has ever hit the right combination of comedy, character personalities and heart needed to top it.
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Azumanga is super overrated
>two azumanga threads at the exact same time
Now that's rare.
Azumanga created Cute Girls Doing Cute Things as we know it.

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Kyute earings.

Anon and Rikka are alone in an Earth without people, in her hometown.
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How would that work?
If the hometown is exactly the same, somebody must have build it which begets the question where all the people are.
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This anon succesfully tulpas Mori Summer and breeds her.
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My wife Rikka is so cute.

Or sleep them. Once you they are caught they just wait stupidly to be eaten, why don´t have some special weapons like some spray?

Or atleast some new traps that make them fall, why all they do is flying like retard flies around them?
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Medieval societies don't know shit about aerosol
We had this discussed since the very beginning and we all concluded that it was because the author was a complete hack
>why not use hot air balloons?
>why not use sticky grenades?
>if you have a tech that can lauch a man, then you should have a tech that could launch giant razor blades at the titans
And so on
They legit fly around using fuckin air canisters though.

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>name an anime
>post a ridiculous theory that might actually be true
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Your favorite one
It's shit
>>name an anime
Hibike! Euphonium
>>post a ridiculous theory that might actually be true
You are a fucking faggot
OP said ridiculous you silly billy

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