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>adult hanging out with a bunch of teenagers

Why can't she get any friends her own age?
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When the fuck is this going to get anime/ova/movie?
After Emma gets one.
When is Karluk going to give her the fucking D?

She's thirsty as hell.

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>Shirou kill Herc multiple lives with 1 Caliburn
>Gil have to use multiple nps to deplete all Herc lives
>Emiya with multiple nps can only took out 6 at best

Why didn't Archer kill Berserker?
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He couldn't got all out.
He did not want to.

Archer is shirou from the Iliya route.
Watch the superior DEEN adaptation to understand their fight

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Me on the left

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Enter Sonomura

Last thread over here
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I normally dont like Maki but she is pretty cute here
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Can someone tell me what happened?

Nobel put out 2 chapters today.

I don't know what happened, I can't read moon.
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the grammar is overly complicated so I give up.

It's time to panic, Toda.

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>Hey kid, d'ya happen to be from this household? Oh pardon me I seem to have forgotten to introduce myself. But y'know the caution you've been showing is rather appropriate for talking to a stranger. Y'should treasure it. My name is Kaiki. "Kai" as in a mounda clamshells. "Ki" as in a dead tree.
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judging (you).png
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don't do this
10/10 casting.
Christopher would add more pauses.
>"Kai"... As in, a mounda clamshells.

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This is Kon Satoshi. He died in 2010 making his 5th film. Say something nice to him.
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I like your style.
I miss you. ;_;
friendly smile

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I finished it, what should I do now?
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Whatever you do, do it for her.
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TS anon here to do another Dagashi translation since it was dumped last night.

[Dagashi Kashi]
You follow this straight road then cross the bridge,
turn right at the tobacco store other there, then go straight to find the primary school…

…You understand? Hajime-san.

I get it already!

Right, well I’m off to deliver it then! See ya!

It’s gonna snow today, it seems!
Please watch out!

Manager sure loves to exaggerate things…
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Haa…! Haa…! The r-
The road’s gone…!
-Really, please be careful with snowy roads in rural areas
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What if you get hungry

In a sudden snowstorm?

135th snack: Snickers
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I mean, I thought I trusted Manager completely
But it looks like I have a ways to go…
I just can’t believe…

The road really is gone.

Man, the boonies are really somethin’ else.

You think, “Is this a road?” but it turns out you’ve stepped into a field.

You lose your grasp of distance, and before you know it you’re about to step on a cliff edge…


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How do I become cool like Mr. Kaji, so cool that I can find enough reasons to keep this up for as long as I need to find how to become that cool?
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Start smoking. He along with all the other cool kids do it.
Have Asuka fall in love with you.

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Misuzu is no longer about to be the victim of a sexual assault
Because it's happening now
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Rip and tear.jpg
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Inb4 this becomes a murder scene
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>Execute order 66
What the devil
He's on another level
It's a word! No a name! MF - the supervillain!

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You guys like Lupin? I like Lupin.
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Hoping the new goemon movie gets subbed soon.
I want to like Lupin and I've been meaning to start

Where do I start?
I've never met someone who didn't like Lupin.

Anyone want a Chaika? We have an overstock.
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Do you have any in yellow?
We got a few that have a manufacturing defect where they colored the hair yellow and fucked up the eye tint but otherwise, it's a working Chaika.
I've heard that model has some issues with durability. What's your warranty situation?

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I plan to read/watch them all but which is "best" to start with?
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I want to know this too. I've seen the anime but I don't know if I should go for the manga or the novel next.
can you elaborate?

Just finished. I do not see this mention at all.

The similarities to Chaika are sort of astounding, not surprising since the LN writer wrote both and even had the same director.
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I saw this, but never got around to Chaika. Cool to know they're related somehow. I thought this was pretty good
Did you hear about the blu-ray release of this?

I actually liked this a good bit. Didn't know it was by the chaika guy though.

Senes best girl
I saw it years ago, really like it back there, never seen Chiaka, is it similar?

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