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How do you even satisfy someone with an attitude like this?
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you take it slow, after about seven minutes of kissing and proper touching she'll be jerking your dick begging for insertion.
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Give her attention, and hen ignore her. She'd crave for your dick eventually.

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Why is Kotarou such an ass? He's a pedophile too on top of it.
You know there's something fundamentally wrong with the character when he makes lolis cry every episode.
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Koutarou is not pedophile, he's ephebophilia.
Pedophile, the dude's like 26+ years old in the routes, and seems like only Kotori and Akane know this.
That's what Kotori gets for turning him down, twice.

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Tell me about Tawawas, why are they so smug?
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Why aren't you smug?
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You can't be smug if you don't have big tits
If I was a cute girl with big tits I'd be smug as well.

Smug to the point that I might get raped.

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Take it out of its comfort zone.
I want to marry Sayaka but I also think she's for Kyouko. These mixed feelings are tearing me apart.
They already fixed themselves
>release kizu when on the verge of bankruptcy

But that's smalltime. How do you fix SILVERLINK? No fate clones

>the unaired Amanchu episode will arrive this month with the final BD release

It's time to relive the glorious 2016 summer AOTS again.
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I still have to finish this show, but damn is it great. I remember the manga being rather mediocre so that came as a surprise to me.
I just want more chapters in English.
The Windows Vista of Aria.

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do u think neptunia is the worstest anime ever made
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It certainly didn't help that the studio currently busy with 'le funny posing musclemen with ghost band powers' was responsible for adapting the neps to the television.
They promised they wouldn't adapt anything from the games, and yet, they did it anyway. Someone made a better argument about this and I'm too lazy to find it.

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Shiburin's character development
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>Written by Nisio Isin
She doesn't look very happy.
I wouldn't be happy to be stuck in a NiSHITo Isin work either.

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How do we fix KyoAni?
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You first start by posting something that's actually related to KyoAni.
anime original series that has a compelling world fleshed out with an adventurous outlook, wheelre high quality backgrounds and animation can stand out. Something like Blame but not as bleak or tech heavy. Though i wouldnt mind them adapting it.
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Have them do something that isn't based on one of their shitty LNs.
Pic related, it's already fixed.

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You will never stick your pencils into Akari's cute little hairbuns ;__;
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Why would I? I don't want her hair stabbing my guts while she sucks me off.
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Why is the brat so cute?

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But can she cook?
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Literally only pannekoek
She's like a domestic goddess. In fact she could make a living out of it.
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mashiro 58.jpg
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she can cook you

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Is this worth watching?
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Yes, the first arc is worth a watch, but the rest not so much. It's also incomplete and doesn't finish the story.

It's mostly good but the beginning is a bit hard to get into. She cries so fucking much. I know it's a scary and unreal situation but for fucks sake
Yes, it's excellent.

Her character development is god tier though and it's nice to see how far she's come by the end considering how low she started.

>the angels are more devilish than the devils
>the devils are more angelic than the angels

It really almost makes me think.
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Angels have always been dicks.
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Why is Gabriel so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
God is evil, that's why devils protested back then but they were kicked by god.

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What the fuck is her problem?
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Are you looking down on my Kumiko?
She's so ugly.
Not enough Reina.

Oh shit
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>Oh shit
Yup, its shit alright.
I dont remember her smiling.
One Room is kamime.

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Reminder that Shinji is canonically heterosexual
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He is until he gets a nice hard cock up his boipussy
All he did was jerk it to a girl

I can cum to guys but that doesn't make me gay
I think you caught the gay.

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