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If you hate Rebuild so much, why do you want this so badly?
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I want to see Anno's demise and depression after the shitshow that it will be.
You know why

Anno's? More like the fans. The more miserable they are the happier he gets

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New band anime to air next season, adaptation of shoujo manga about a girl who becomes vocalist of a popular masked band formed by his childhood friend who loves her, to help her reach her childhood love who is now a professional composer.

Nino: Saori Hayami
Yuzu: Daiki Yamashita
Momo: Kouki Uchiyama
Haruyoshi: Daisuke Ono
Miou: Ayahi Takagaki
Kuro: Jun Fukuyama

Director: Hideya Takahashi (Keijo!!!!!!!!)
Series Composition: Deko Akao (Flying Witch, Amanchu!)
Character Designer/Chief Animation Director: Mariko Itoh (Log Horizon, Vivid Strike!)
Anime Production: Brain's Base


They sure serious to make it good with that cast and staff
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Didn't realize Nino was Hayamin. Looking forward to her singing.
Left is so cucked.
He is first guy so he can still turn the table, also why don't we watch male suffering for once, we sure love triangle or harem with female suffering

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Risa Ebata, an animation artist draws Sumire Uesaka as an Edo period hooker.

Ebata is known for her character designs for Macross F.
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They're going to make a woodblock out of this image(very expensive), and sell 200 copies.

There are only 200 copies so I hope hipster gaijinz make ironic purchases to make the hooker feel like shit.

I want to support female animators but I hate Seiyuus who have nothing but their sexuality
The first print is 648,000yen
The next nine prints are 270,000yen
The 10th to the 60th are sold for 108,000yen.

Preorders for the first 60 prints ends on 3/31


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>Childhood is when you idolize Hunter x Hunter. Adulthood is when you realize Berserk makes more sense.
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Neck yourself.
-t. HxH fag.
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I got into both as an adult though

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So there was a thread for chapter 9? I can't find it in the archive
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So no one like this anime anymore ?
It's a symbol for modern degeneracy.
Episode 9 was really boring and no one seems to care.

I'm gonna miss this show.
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Nyanko is people
Cats are people?

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How many days until the OVA?

I need more nugs in my life.
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Umaru thread!
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It's me on the front page!
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When the time comes where one of them dies, how do you think the other will take it anon? Will they go beserk? Will they accept it and get over it eventually?
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Depends on how either dies.
Depends on how they die. If it's painfully and because of another person, there will be blood.
I see Othinus's punishment as a promise that at least one of them will die as part of the series, not "something that's not mentioned in the series but will inevitably occur" so I'm guessing we'll see

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W-what did she mean by this?
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it's wishful thinking to hope he gets an actual harem isn't it?
Poor guy's traumatized by gyaros via his first crush. I don't think he wants to cause any more trouble.

I'm 3 episodes into this, why are they calling this a Gundam show? This isn't very gundam at all.
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Because it's written and directed by the man who created Gundam, has Gundam in it and takes place in the Universal Century (the main one) timeline
>Because it's written and directed by the man who created Gundam
This explains why it's very "eh"
Did you even watch any UC show, particularly ZZ? It's very Gundam.

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If Tomoko is your little sister, what would you do, /a/?
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I'm afraid I would have incestuous relations with her
Take her stuff without asking
kick her

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Amaama to Inazuma.png
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Yotsuba if manga counts.

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She will never come, might aswell just give up and welcome loneliness.
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Still have hope. she'll come someday, just you see.
Its been over a decade, its time to face reality anon.

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I want to lick her Atsucunt
They look cute together.
Are those two going out?

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Kumagawa best boy
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Zenkichi > *
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We all know that.
I have never nostalgia'd over anything as hard as I have been over medaka box. It's driving me insane.

I can't even say stuff like medaka box is the perfect manga or even objectively good.

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