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Is it doomed to never end? Should it go for the horror ending and have Conan grow up and never get together with his now 30 year old girlfriend?
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Its almost over as it is.
They're in the second to last arc now.
I wish Conan still looked this cute. He literally looks like a fucking triangle now.
How do you know that???
pretty sad its ending if true

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>literally has the words "FUCK" engraved into his grills

What did japan mean by this?
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America is a continent
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>eating french fries with ketchup
That Americans are vulgar beings

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It's kinda weird to see when extremely vanilla mangaka retweets stuff like this.
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what is this?

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So was there a wincon in pre-Battle City Duel Monsters that didn't involve attacking Attack position monsters, or making up bullshit? Without direct attacks, there's nothing stopping players from turtling up until they draw into something helpful or deck-out.
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Early YGO wasnt intended to be an extended commercial.
Your opponent sends you to the shadow realm if you act like a bitch turtling your monsters
If I recall, there were a few lines in the show that IMPLIED that if you were unable to have at least one monster on your side of the field at the end of your turn, your opponent could attack you directly.

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Thank you OP.
I almost forgot
Truly the Eva of our time

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Hey /a/, Since we have things like /a/ sings and orchestr/a/ for remaking OPs, I wanted to see if anyone's interested in doing something similar for animating them

Berserk's OP seems like an easier one to try with, since there's not as much animation and it mostly consists of stills just like the show Images are in the mega, though the quality's pretty bad, since youtube was the only place I could find a creditless OP. Final video will be 1280x960 running at 12 fps.


Also, the sections that consist of 50+ frames aren't as bad as they look. Most of them are just a simple animation or still with some panning/zooming. Don't worry if you can't draw or animate well, the end result will likely be terrible either way, but it'll be fun.
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I like these, but I feel required to point out that you're a faggot for thinking this is a new idea. Someone post some, I don't know what the fuck I called the files.

I'm still hoping we get an /a/ sings Melody of the Heart, Radiant Melody or Reflectia from Tari Tari or maybe Koi no Uta from Tamako Market.

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Dubs tells me what to watch next.
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Tiger and bunny

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This is when you start a new thread, faggots.
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What is this thread rant even for anyways?
Shut up and post cute witches
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Best witch soon
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Looks like shit is finally going down soon. Poor Futaba ;_;
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I dropped this a long time ago.
Did something interesting happen?
It's still very focused on SoL, but in the latest chapter the activist girl talks to a higher-up of the pro-invader faction and they want her to assassinate the chef of SES (the company that makes weapons against invaders).
Too bad that the manga is going on another hiatus. What the fuck Asano
are they still virgins?

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>tickets already sold out for a portion of international screenings
Is this the greatest anime movie ever produced?
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It's the more shilled.

It's not bad at all though.
Step aside, Memekai. This is REAL kinography.
This was objectively worse than Kimi no na wa.

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>I don’t think you could’ve taken the 1995 film and just remade it frame by frame. I think it’s just too philosophical and too introspective. I hope that we’ve built a bigger film so that people are excited in the cinema but come out enriched in some way. I think so many times I come out of the cinema and just feel like I’ve been battered over the head and my money has been taken, I haven’t actually left with anything other than a few bits of popcorn stuck to my trousers.

wtf i hate oshii now
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>too philosophical and too introspective.

Fuck you, Oshii. That's why I liked the original.

Not to mention the original was a fucking garbage and a quote dump.
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What if everyone was the opposite? I would like to see the psychological effects from a female perspective.
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The only thing that'll change is that Rei is now best boy and Shinji is now best girl.
Kaworu looks like a serial killer.
Well, it is an Angel.

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Less than 20 hours until spoilers. First illustration is already out.
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That girl is totaly out of control.
Wait till the damned spoilers are out the thread just fucking died too. Also Dxᗡ just use the normal lettering the shitpost is going to happen no matter what you fucking do.
Ravel is so cute !!!!

>be chilling with a couple friends
>one of them asks to watch some anime or some shit
>tell them we're gonna watch my favorite anime
>excited as fuck to share this masterpiece
>as the first episode plays all they do is Complain
>"wtf anon this looks terrible"
>"lol it looks like it was animated in ms paint"
>"this is so fucking weird"
Why don't my friends like kemonzume ;_;
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Take your 'greentext' blogshit elsewhere.
You've thrown pearls to pigs, anon
I just want to know how you guys feel about kemonozume I never come to /a/.

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her real name is 白い雪 : Shiroi yuki
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Roughly translating to: pizza butt
She's white, anon
>tfw im not sure if I want her name to be revealed,because Lulu being the only one who knows it is kind of romantic

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