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They never kissed or went on a date goku rawed her and died twice and had a green man raise his son
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it's just old-fashioned marriage live

my parents were that way

stop pushing this modern agenda
Toriyama is actually xenophobic and Chi-Chi is his portrayal of Chinese foreigners from the perspective of the Japanese. That's why she is an annoying old bitch that doesn't give or receive any love or affection, and isn't a good mother.
Chi-Chi is a good mother though.

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the best animes that never got a second season
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But..it's getting a second season
Literally second season announced. Mods please delet
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>No game no life


Season 2 fucking when?
I need some more of this silly fun in my life
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There's one confirmed for some time next year
Give coffee!
>not googling <show you watch> season 2

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JCs are a 10
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Yeah, they are. And fapping to ten year olds makes you a pedophile
>this triggers the normalfaggot
>10 years old

Interested in watching all of those but I understand there are several series, what is the correct order to watch them in?

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You seem to have created a thread on a website called 4chan instead of doing a google search.
Don't worry, you can definitely do it if you give it another try!
Start from The Beginning of Evangelion and then watch The End of Evangelion.

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Fuck off to >>>/b/.

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I hear high school anime is less common, and now its going to be about young adults in their proffesions?
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i punched forneverworld teeth out, bitch
Due to plummeting birthrates, there's only like 4 or 5 highschoolers left in all of Japan.

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I don't get it. This wasn't even that bad why does this get talked about so much? Is it babbys first asspull or something?
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it's just really funny out of context
Alluka was 10 times worst
HxH is a series that people who normally hate Battle Shounens like to build up as "one of the good ones" so its all the more hilarious when they get proven that HxH is as dumb as all the rest

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OVA 3 out.
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Aww yeah
I don't see it anywhere.
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Erai just put up all 3 on Nyaa. Otherwise if you stream you can use Crunchy.

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Wtf did I just watch? Anyone else had trouble following this? Will reading the manga help clear things up?
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Yes, reading the 2nd half of the story will clear things up
But starting from the beginning right?
You don't have to. The anime wasn't a particularly good adaption but it did follow the manga's plot closely. You should be fine picking up from the start volume 8 (right after the part where Hoshimaru strangles the girl).

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Season 3 When???????
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are you this guy >>162079205
Nope, but can Overlord even compare to Log Horizon
Good thread

Who's excited for the second season of WUG?
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Those character designs are horrible.
So is this like a Love Live knockoff?
PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3G7dBGmPqc

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So, anyone else still following this?

It's kinda fun I guess.
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It's dull as fuck. It manages to be even worse than Zombie Powder. There's no spirit behind it. It all just seems so forced. Especially the character introductions. You can just tell it's a desperate attempt to get ratings
Eh, I like it.
It's a bleach wannabee without the cool art and batshit crazy designs Kubo did, I follow it because I'm intrigued about Rago, but it's pretty average.

Also I don't know if it really is a bad joke that the red haired girl is called Ichika.

>anime introduces power levels
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>they are completely nonsensical
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>In the end, they disregard all powerlevels for the power of friendship
>powers have their limits
>All of those limits are broken by the end of the series

The anime adaptation was announced a while ago, but we haven't really heard anything. Is this still happening?

And will the anime even make it into the interesting parts?

Mushoku Tensei anime when?
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I doubt Death March will go over 12 episodes.
An eventual MT anime would be shit if it isn't at least 2 cours.
It's probably not more than 12, but I thought Death March was popular over in nihon. So hoping for 24.
It's silver link, so it will just be 12

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