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You agree with Light vision of justice?.
It´s a shame,what they do it on Light in ending,he look a kid 12 year old who look a porn and the mother slap he,or the kid who always lose.
I fucking laughed,he killed one of the best characters in all anime/manga history.
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>It´s a shame,what they do it on Light in ending,he look a kid 12 year old who look a porn and the mother slap he,or the kid who always lose

I've never laughed harder than right now.
Might makes right. Legal systems exist not because they are right, or just, or good for society, but because they have the means to enforce their laws and crush everyone who resists. In this lieu, Light was just.
On the other hand, Light has killed people who didn't deserve to die. In this, his justice was flawed.
No, his vision of justice sucked.
You can't punish a murderer the same way you punish a mugger, that just incentivizes murdering the person you mug.

What Light should have done was fit the type of death to the crime. Murderers die horrible deaths, while muggers banks die relatively peacefully.

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I don't speak metric so I don't understand what it is you're trying to imply.
>I am wilfully ignorant of real measurements
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anime nutrition.png
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That sure is a small allotment of calories.

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Post Mayoiga memes
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Mayoiga was the closest I've gotten to the TTGL and GUILLOTINE GORILLA experience
Same. Mayoiga and Danganronpa 3. I hate being a newfaggot.
Guillotine gorilla was insane.

I never even finished Samumenco from the shock.

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>/a/ hates THICC girls

Get with the times
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fucking fat lover

I'm afraid I'll pop this balloon if I get too close.
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That's a whole lot of NO.

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>MC isn't the strongest good guy for most of the series

>Strongest guy gets a fight

Fuck yeah man, I need more examples of this other than Soul Eater and Rurouni Kenshin
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Toriko I guess? Read the manga though. There's really a lot of shows that do this like Naruto for instance.
oh shit you're right. My mind deleted toriko as soon as it ended, that fight with midora was breety good

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I will protect this Demonesses smile
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Don't worry, I do protect it already.
I wanna rape that smile
My wife Satanachia is so cute.

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What was the point of this?
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muh dick
it was in the original eroge because it was an eroge and needed a porn scene

that's it

Let's talk about how bad this was, /a/.
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>Parrot my opinions back at me

wew lad.
Still better than Fairy Tail.
I remember I enjoyed it when I was a kid tho.

Just caught up on some episodes of Abyss, and holy shit, this scene.
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You should just drop it. It turns into retarded edgeshit.
As a kind anon I advise against posting abyss stuff until you reach the latest episodes cause Christ, you don't want to get spoiled about what happens.
Lyza is also qt.
>until you reach the latest episodes
I have, and ep. 10 gave me serious chills as well, I've seen people talk about it getting dark, but that shit went from 0 to 100 in record time.

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Are you looking forward to Yuuki Yuuna season 2?
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I most certainly am
My nigga
Yes. I don't see what Love Live has to do with it, though.

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Re Creators.jpg
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It truly was a classic in the making
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It's even got the bullshit ending to generate rage years after it's over
you guys really like this?

Tried to watch and it was boring as hell
>this dropped at episode 3

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>That anime series you loved as kid but is not relevant anymore
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Gundam Wing
Marchen Awakens Romance

Got my first stiffy as a kid to the Snow Princess
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Space Detective.png
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Queen of Gluttony.png
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Who is the most disgustingly fat girl in anime? Not in appearance, but in lifestyle?
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big mom
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SHE'S BA--oh
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Ah she's merely scratched.

People have come back from worse injuries in this series.

the real question is when will the third great power in the setting, the gyoza fairy, make his move?
Looks like this series is winding down though, she's probably going to be revived by devils
File: Who ordered musclegirls?.png (562KB, 656x455px)Image search: [Google]
Who ordered musclegirls?.png
562KB, 656x455px

There's only one devil now, the first devil thingiemaura.

They'll probably bring back En and he'll mushroom them back or the catgoat with the resurrection powers.

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Has anything beaten this yet in the category of romance/drama? If not, has anything come close?

Putting manga aside.
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Kurisu and Okabe almost kiss.gif
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Having Taiga win autromatically disqualifies it as being the best romantic harem.

however the answer you are looking for is Steins;Gate
but that's not a romance or a drama

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