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punch v cell.gif
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DBZ's way of conveying speed and action may seem "lazy" but goddamn does it look good, even today.

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the punches sound meaty as hell
Back when the show had a budget and Goku didn't act like a retarded man child all the time
best fight post-DB

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This just warms my heart!
What nice day when for once Okamoto himself BTFO all edgy and suffering fags and gives a poor dick-lusting girl her happiness!
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Is 20 translated?
Didn't even realize 19 was out. When is this manga actually released?

How is some random mango-drawing bitch from Japan so good at taking gunshots calmly?
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She knew he was coming for her, she praticed.
It was just 9mm.
Still, most people would freak out just at the fact that they've been shot. Especially if it's their first time.

Does anyone care about Lucky Star anymore?

Re-watched it a couple of weeks ago and it still holds up.
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I care very deeply for Lucky ⭐ Star
I still wanna fuck miyuki so yes.
My favorite anime.
The manga still appears in Comptiq sometimes. Volume 11 when

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Page 01.png
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>15 minutes of panning stills
>4 minutes of animated talking
>1 minute of flashbacks
>30 seconds of animated dancing

Every fucking episode, why are they throwing such amazing potential into the trash?
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Because it's not adapted and animated by Kyoani.
The show has a very low drawing limit per episode. 4000 drawings has been the maximum seen on the show so far, which is very average by industry standards, and the latest episode which was mostly animated by one person, only used 2500.
Also, using newbies for voicing MC and Gaju. The ED is only good thing in this anime.

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I want to live
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You got what you wanted. You made me sad. Are you happy?
Why would you watch a show that's so bad it makes you want to die then?
Man, what an amazing anime. Well, first two seasons and the ending at least.

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New chapter in a few minutes
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>I love being with Helck
wew lad
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FUcK wit.jpg
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ITT: dumb bitches that deserved to die
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fuck both of you
Triggered. How did nagisa deserve to die at all?

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>nude erza
What did Mashima mean by this?
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>meaning shit
There you have it.

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>how did kurapika get all the crimson eyes? When?
>what happened to the phantom troupe after they cleared meteor city?
>was Chrollo ever reinstated as the boss?
>did the good chimera ants find gyro?
>why did we see so little of the world?
>did the chimera ant arc have to be fucking 60 episodes long?
> why isn't there a final battle btw Gon and Hisoka if hisokas goal was to let gon 'mature' enough before killing him?

The end of this show seemed so abrupt. It was fine, but honestly the ending was disappointing.

What do yawl think of hxh
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read the manga you fucking pleb
What the fuck are you on, anon?

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Is this K-On! Lite?

Girls are pretty fluffy though.
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Fun, interesting characters surrounded by amazing animation and music ruined by the most hardcore yuribaiting you will ever experience.
Should have made a k-on spinoff about the jazz club instead
>the most hardcore yuribaiting
That's not NanoFate.

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Starting with this. Really weird how it wasn't that popular considering the people who sang the OP and the ED, and how good the OP is. It's understandable that it's somewhat forgotten now considering its age, but it's strange that even back then it wasn't that popular.
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It's surprising that more people don't talk about it considering it's one of the few anime with spaceships but without mecha, and it's relatively new too. The space fights were top-tier too.
>2005 anime
At least it's from this century unlike 90% of other space anime.

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Why is Love Live so popular?
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mobage, appeals to girls, idols
It's good.

>implying it's not popular anymore

Looks like the Facebook group changed their minds about translating and posted their rough draft for Chapters 2 to 5. Full thing "soon" according to them.
So with that being said i won't bother google translating the rest of it seeing as their rough draft is better than mine.
But it seems like a waste to make a thread just to say this, so I'll translate and dump the Afterword since it's not that long and it's only part of Volume 16 that's not available translated.
I'll post links at the end of the dump.
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Thanks. Favorite Jack is Frisbee. It is Tachibana Koji.
We delivered "Date a Live 16 Kurumi Refrain". What did you think? I am glad if you like it.
That's why I finally made a Kurumi volume. It may be appearance for the first time in the main part. Oh well I write it shortly, so personally I do feel that there was a gap there.
Although Kurumi appeared fairly early, it hits the initial member among the spirit group, since it was a dark proof of one person’s spiritual power, it became compatible with the cover and subtitle of a being here a long time. The turning Kurumi is pretty cute without the sign of the cover. Getting a glimpse or peek of her sexy legs.
No, not just the cover but the other illustrations of Kurumi are sexy. There is also Kurumi in color illustrations.
Maybe it is the first time that a character comes out in every volume. That's what it is.
Since I think that some people will read the postscript ahead of the main part, I will refrain from spoilers, but this time it is feeling that we are a little excited. I could write that scene and that scene so much fun.
Thinking about it Kurumi was the first character that I made in "Date".
To be exact, it is slightly different from the current Kurumi, but because of the novel that I wrote when I was in my second year high school students, there was a character that would be her template.
In gothic loli, the length of hair is different right and left eye is clock. It was my tension at the time that came up with such a character. I do not doubt that I believe that this character was wrong, for over ten years since I thought that I will put it out someday, I believe that confidence at that time was not wrong.
To be sure, the setting at that time was that an artificial magician transplanted with a special watch used the special ability at the price of his own life. Using the ability will cause the clock to go around quickly and the corresponding lifetime will be lost.
Because of that, there were lots of watch holders besides Kurumi, but the basic is that there are a lot of characters attached to the back of the hand and the chest, and I think that only Kurumi was the eyeball clock as it was. Maybe.
And of course, such a Kurumi cannot be a heroine. Kurumi was a little sister character that aims for the heroine's life. Hehehehe. Hey, older sister? It was said. Scary.
Incidentally, aside from that, the prototype of Kusanagi sound (large) that appeared in my debut work "Soukyuu no Karma" also appeared in that story. He was one of the strongest characters in the army and had watches at five places of the backs of both hands, both shoulders, and the chest. Strong.
It's embarrassing to talk about a novel that I wrote some time ago.
But this time it's amazing. Though I wrote also on the author profile, Kurumi Volume 16, Kurumi Spin Off, Tsunako Art Collection come out in March! All "Three"!

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