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Which anime/manga ending fucked you up really hard?
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irako did nothing wrong
Except being a faggot.
He fucked Iku. You don't cuck a legendary master and walk away unscathed.

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Cre/a/tors, how should we fix this show?
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Why would you want to fix it?
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I don't understand how anyone could be moved or interested in what was going on. I would have walked away and asked the ticket money back.
Fuck the Creators, bunch of asspullers and hacks.
>The Universe get enough of Altair shit
>Bring a Overpowered Character from a Kamige.
>gg Altair

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The great debate
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Who care about these losers, it's all about the waifus.
self insert who can never ever become more popular then their waifu. Look anon there is nothing more pathetic then main character being unable to obtain popularity
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Shiki is more of a harem self insert than shirou desu

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So apparently while nobody was looking, somebody else started translating the manga and has already powered through to volume 16.

Also, the plot finally picked up, and Birdy is finally confronting Hikawa instead of all that bullshit about Tsutomu's friend.

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Thread theme.

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I think we're the only ones who care anon.

Let's hope this new guy doesn't die like the other two.
He's translated like 10 chapters in the last two weeks, and says the scripts for chapters 162-165 are done.

Stay optimistic.

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Do you think steel ball run will ever get animated?
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I guess so, but it will probably air around 2021-22
>jojo OP 1 only hints the first 6 jojos
I highly doubt it to be honest but who knows.
That's because it's Jonathan's lineage

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When will KyoAni make another good TV anime? Maidragon was 6 years ago.
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Why does KyoAni keep winning?
>6 years ago
get back in your time machine, grandson!
>2017 was 20 years ago

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so what's up with him?
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he rich
just probably relaxing, taking it easy
He's handsome and talented.

Are you man enough to turn your own car into an itasha?
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I want to do this so badly with a cheap ass MR2 or S14 from craigslist.
I am man enough but not smart enough
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Maybe if my car was actually cool.

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I need daily shokugeki material to feed my ED, even it's only /a/related rambling.

Also, posting 2nd best girl for bait
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This series a shit and I can't understand why people would like to watch a formulaic show like this. It's always
>MC is challenged by a superior being
>MC acts like a dumb fuck
>Cooking montage
>MC mind breaks the superior being
>Garbage and worthless fanservice for 3 whole minutes
>MC gets everything in the world
Dropped it around episode 5.
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Damn that was almost triggering

But otherwise, you're totally right.
Only read it because of the awesome dishes that get featured once in a while

>pic related made me want to eat my laptop for instance

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How exactly does one use "over 100%" of their power? Isn't that thermodynamically impossible?
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Its pretty simple, you just GO BEYOND
With that attitude it is
it's called a "force multiplier"

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Maid in Abyss addition
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>general template
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give us more loli Ozen or we riot!

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Lets post them /a/nons
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You know the drill. However, let us spice it up a little with the following optional challenges (can choose one or multiple):

>Write a Isekai plot with a twist to it (like the Isekai'd character not being the main character, or the fantasy character being Isekai'd to out world)

>Write a plot where all girls are best girls

>Write a plot to a franchise that would make people want to watch it (can be anything, including sequel, prequel, interquel, spin-off, completely new show that is part of the franchise's multiverse like Gundam or such)

>Write a plot where the character isn't a whiny bitch and actually has some backbone to him

>Write a space opera anime where the aliens are truly alien

>Write a cyberpunk anime

>Write a fantasy anime that doesn't have standard fantasy races

>Write something really interesting
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MC was a party member who sacrificed himself in order for the hero to defeat the demon king and restore peace to the world, he leaves behind his pregnant waifu. Except he didn't die, he somehow finds himself transported 20 years into the future where history books scapegoat him as the villain who caused the end of the world. Together with his estranged daughter, he slowly discovers that his party's journey 20 years ago was not what it seemed.
>The Strongest in the Universe!!

One day, a giant meteor the size of Ohio crashes down on Earth and releases multiple beams of light, whoever these beams hit gets incredible supernatural power. People start to capture the beams in bottles and etc and sell them for money, while others harness this to become mighty warriors. Soon, beings from other planets come to Earth to get this power for themselves and it becomes spectacle all throughout the Universe as everyone competes to become the strongest being in the Universe!

Enter a young child named Rikito, a martial arts enthusiast who wants to gain incredible power, he is able to by being gifted a deus ex machina of his late Grandpa's fortune, he buys some power and sets off on his quest with his scam artist/perverted Sensei(Yamada) and his former enemy turned best friend(Kiba)

basically a satricial version of your typical shonen manga
Virgin's Game
Due to the declining birthrates, the Japanese Government enlists a bunch of NEETS to impregnate a bunch of girls in a dating game tournament

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I avoided this movie for the longest time because I thought it was pandering to those fagits. Turns out this movie has a whole different perspective. The japanese as a culture don't see gods and demons as spirits of another dimension akin to abrahamic gods but parts of this natural world. The protagonist of this movie was never a werewolf. He was more like a lesser deity. The movie literally is called "god's children:rain and snow". Turns out japan mythology has a lot of these tales of Gods giving birth to other lesser gods. So turns out this movie was more of a modern myth ?
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actually it turns out u r gay
I'd post a clever comment that would try to educate you about Japan and Japanese people but it'd be pearls before swine so here, have a free (You) instead.
>I'd post a clever comment that

do that. I read how おおかみこどもの雨と雪 translates to Ookami ( 狼) as in wolf while the same word sounds like God (大神)

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