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This bitch is a terrible person, how come there's so many people that like her?
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I really really like Kana
her ass
She is boss.

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ITT: Scenes in anime that were breathtaking

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good post
Damn I've kinda been looking for this movie and at the same time not. Watched it when I was 9 and it was just too much, almost left a mental scar. That very scene is what was over the top, too much for a 9 year old to comprehend. Now that I've found it again I should watch it, although reluctantly.
Anyways thanks anon.

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Grand Blue just got licensed by Kodansha. Chapter 1 can be read here https://kodanshacomics.com/series/grand-blue-dreaming/

Don't know how I feel about it since they already fucked the title for some ungodly reason.
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What the fuck is dreaming? The original title is in English.
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What did they mean by this
My guess? Grand Blue is a vague title.

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How can a single mercenary gain such massive support? Was it charisma, generosity, or something?
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He's got a huge dick


This is turning out to be one of the best series this season.
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The cast of the last anime you watch has to explore the Abyss. Do they survive it?
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I think so. At least most of them.
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They will be okay.
Nina is a retard so she will fucking kill herself somehow, but the others can figure things out.
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Went to check out what the rambling with this show about. And no they wouldn't survive even the first layer.

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>you are given the ability to transport to any specific moment of an anime series of your choice
>your goal is to shave off as many episodes as possible
>shaving off 100 episodes of an anime > ending a 24 episode anime
>you can not physically tamper with your surroundings
>all you can do is say a maximum of five words to any character of your choice. it can be the protagonist or the antagonist or a side character, doesn't matter. It doesn't matter who wins in the end as long as you eliminate as many episodes as possible
What series do you pick and what do you say to who?
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I'd constantly go into romance anime to kill off misunderstandings
I'd constantly go into romance anime and make ever more misunderstandings
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Come at us bro.

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Why does anime and manga has ridiculously over the top exposition? It's so bizzare how it's so much different from it's western counterparts. You never see something like spider-man's sidekick narrates the battle he's fighting, explaining every action of sm and his enemy, or villain braging about how his powers work in details.
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That's because you're watching shitty anime.
To fill up the screentime? Its pretty stupid
Because the nips fucking suck at storytelling.

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Product placements in anime (and for lesser parts in manga), such a wonderful thing isn't it?
Is it fun and or good to have apparent or subtle ones?
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Depends on whether it's perceived to be greed on the production committee's part, or if it helps the anime being made at all.
Snickers is the superior chocolate bar
anime is mainstream now.jpg

ITT: Cameos in Anime
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Have sex with them.
Make love with them.
are there other pictures like this one?

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But I watched it.
I actually rewatched it just last week.
>chinkshit but hey there's urobochi who passed by!

It's shit, even worst: chink shit.
>no one watched

I'm quite sure plenty of people saw this

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You hear it, you lose.
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Is this some Gainax shit?

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I just watched Lain. Lets talk about it.

I wish I took notes on the show so i could talk about it better, but whatever.

There was a ton I liked about the show: The representation of red being the real world, and purple being the wired; The stock city footage at the beginning changing/playing in reverse and other things throughout the series. And a ton of other shit i don't remember.
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There was one main thing I liked about the show.
Lain is beautiful.
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I'm here, so I'll be with you forever.

>decide to watch Haruhi Suzumiya
>don't bother downloading it so just go on kissanime like a pleb
>hear that it's best to watch it in the order it was aired in, not chronological
>assume the order on kissanime is the airing order
>a season and a half in I realise the cross-eyed wunderkind at kissanime had actually arranged them chronologically
Why did I make this thread? I guess I just want to vent that I'm pissed how the emotional climax that should've been at the end ended up in the middle because some double nigger went out of his way to screw with the episode order.
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Aired order is the one that caused the climax to end up in the middle, not the chronological order.
I'm going based on this chart on wikipedia, with "A = TV broadcast order" being where Kyon and Haruhi kiss at the end.
It's okay, chronological has its perks

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