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I just finished watching Spice and Wolf. The series was interesting, but not without grievances.

- Holo was such a cunt to Lawrence, a lot of the time. I rationalised this to being that he wanted to benefit from her skills in dealing, but it just turns out he is a push over and lapped it up.

- The economic strategising was cool. It got a bit hard to follow with all the different currencies, but was fun nonetheless.

- The art style was nice

- Being a peddler seems comfy as fuck

- Holo transforming into her wolf form and saving the day seemed like an all-too-convenient Deus Ex Machina, making me think that they were never in any real risk

Did you like Spice and Wolf, /a/?
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You forget that she was fucked by that big wolf.
-s3 never
Oh yeah that was another thing.

What a cliffhanger to leave it on.

Oh yeah, she was. How does that affect anything, though? Are you saying she wanted big alpha wolf dick over Lawrence, so she would never be happy?

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pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten
never forget ttimes wen u feeled happy

wen day is dark alway rember happy day
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fuck off, retard >>>/qa/

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Juu Juu Bakusho.png
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what am i in for?
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Why don't you start reading it and see for yourself?
I actually have just got done with the Gambino bit. It's amazing so far but I'm just wondering if the quality stays constant

Will MC turn her straight?
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I hope so. They give some strong OTP vibes.
How? MC is the biggest faggot in the world. If she's smart, MC will make her want to kill him for being a fucking fagnut.
He could turn the straightest woman gay

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About Shelter? Is it anime? Is it not anime? Either way, is it garbage?

Personally I fucking hated that garbo, bought one of those bears at an expo to burn
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It's animated by the japs so it's anime.

Is Interstellar 5555 not anime because it's set to western produced music?

What a fucking retarded question and thread.
bait for ironic weebs and normies
It was generic and cliche but I liked it anyway

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Who has the best voice in anime and why is it nenecchi?
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>That jarring moment when Hajime sings in the OP with her man voice
Sakura Skip > Step by Step UP
I like the lady who does kuroko in railgun. I liked the lady who did cthuko in nyarlko, too, but she died.

Does /a/ know who this guy is?
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car dude
Could the file name hold a clue?
am i on the wrong board with this topic ?

What would've happened if Shirou summoned a different Servant? What would've happened if he summoned Scathach?
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Scathach jobs harder than Gil so all ends lead to bad ends.
If it was scathach wouldn't cu be all MASTER WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE????
What catalyst would Shirou have in the first place to be able to summon Scathach? Shirou was only able to get Arturia / Altria because Avalon was inside of him.

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Just lewd.
i wish usagi would get on top of me
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holy shit that ass

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Hey /a/

How do you go from this
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combo breaker
to what faggot
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To this?

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What is even the point to utilize Isekai as a plot device without even utilizing it at all? Pic related, MC dies in real world and gets reborn in an alternate world yet never references experience or any other kind of shit from his previous life. It's like he was a character that was born and raised there.
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did he die from cluster headaches?
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Yes, in return he got a top dragon waifu that he turned into his Queen.
So you can self-insert.

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I'm Asuka! Asuka Langley Soryu! Charmed huh?
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1 Stupid.jpg
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What are you, stupid?
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Now's my chance
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1 Look at me.png
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Look at me damn you! Look at me!

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How does /a/ feel about reboots and floating timelines?
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Not a feet fag but damn. At least the phone isn't lit-up. I cringe everytime I see animators not knowing how phones work
That 3 years.
Maybe she bought a new phone.
pick an actually funny nitpick

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Absolute Duo S2 announced
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