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>Hyped villain was just a weakling compared to what came after
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>giving a shit about powerlevel
Nigger fuck off.
What matter more was the character of Younger Toguro and his role in the overall story.

Appeasing to powerfags like you gives abortions like everything Dragonball that is post DB.
Whoa, so nips CAN make faces like that! And here I thought they were all monotone, poker-faced robots who had a hard time even talking to each other.
>inb4 you're projecting, /r9k/
>What matter more was the character of Younger Toguro and his role in the overall story
But this does effect his character.
It undermines him as a threat and makes everyone's struggles against him seem trivial

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>Wow, so your nickname is "Loser"? I like it! It gives off the feeling that maybe one day you won't be such a fucking loser anymore.
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do not cry.png
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Okay we got that outta the way, Hero Aca thread.
Traitor confirm since the first volume. All her actions are just subtle bullying.
I don't understand this image.

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This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.
i want Saitama to fuck me in the ass
no homo
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Saitama fisting would be a lot more appropriate

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would it be better if I start watching Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 or Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood?
which one is better?
it's hard to choose
I don't know if I would like to watch two series, because there are 200 episodes
most of Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 episodes were made when manga was not written
tell me how does it look
is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood remake of 2003 version? how many episodes are the same as older serie?
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If you care at all about watching the 2003 FMA, then do it first. Brotherhood is a remake, yes.

The major events of the first half of the 2003 anime translate to the first 13 episodes of Brotherhood. This is because 03 version had some filler and Brotherhood was speeding through early material.

There also isn't 200 episodes combined, not even close. Where the fuck did you get that?
Imo I would watch 2003 up to where it diverges from the manga then go to brotherhood. That said you can just watch all of 03 if you want to finish it.
Watch 03 first, wait a bit and the.n watch Brotherhood.

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Remove aho
I miss Katanashi
I miss them all.

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I'm going to post him every day until you like him.
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but anon, we already like him!
>1 star
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back to the gate with you

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I finished watching JoJo recently and I heard the dub for part 3 is currently being released. So I decided to check it out.
In the FIRST episode, Joseph says "Jonathan Joestar, my grandfather, your great-grandfather" to Jotaro, when Jonathan is actually Jotaro's great-GREAT-father.
Are dubs always this bad?
Am I just being autistic?
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great grandfather can be used to refer to any ancestry after grandfather.
>Are dubs always bad?
what kind of language is this

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Can /a/ even name ONE (1) show that wouldn't be infinitely better if it were animated by the only true masters in the industry, KyoAni?
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Kemono Friends
Any show in existence.
I agree. I'd gladly take KyoAnis animators and have them animated some of my favourite titles. However, that mean that we axe all other parts of that shitty studio. The directors, the script writers, the people in charge of audio design and art direction. Basically anyone but the animators.

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So I just started watching s3 of yuru yuri

Something feels "off". The voice actors sound entirely different. Did they change animation studios or something? This is strange

It feels like an entirely different anime
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yes. It is a different studio.
DULL colors.
you are now aware that Akari no longer does her opening in season 3. Her presence is so lacking, that you didn't even notice until right now.

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Why should I avoid Black Bullet? Looks like anon's dream come true.
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Yeah it's awesome if you like a shitty story with pandering, throwaway waifus
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You can only save one.

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When will they stop pretending that Sophie is a vampire? Can't Akari just tell her that she isn't a vampire instead of doing these things?
Akari's plan of making Sophie realize by herself that she isn't a vampire isn't working and at this rate she'll end killing herself before she makes Sophie realize that she isn't a vampire.
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Wasn't this manga dropped?
She has no reflection though.
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Not the right angle.

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Who's your favorite LoGH character and why?

Merkatz a best
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toss up between Yang and Mittenmeyer

Mittenmeyer has the most based life
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Mittermeyer is best boy, has best waifu, and is my favorite Admiral.
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post you're favourite lesbians
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You first.
>saved this image off google
>couldn't even bother to take one yourself

Don't you have anything better to do?
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I am reading Bleach right now and it's shocking just how bad and boring the fights are. Basically Ichigo (or whoever on the good guys' team) gets cut a couple of times, he has a flashback, then he cuts the other guy, and they talk for a bit. How did this get popular?
Also not sure how I feel about a bunch of middle school humans BTFOing shinigami who are supposedly hundreds of years old and who've been fighting their whole lives.
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>reading Bleach
Welp, I'm never picking this series back up.
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Have you never read a shonen before? Why is it surprising that the main character will always win. Shit, you might as well just stop reading now since you already know who is gonna win every fight.
Are you genuinely illiterate or something?

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Sudo has been busy.
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With me.
Forced crack pairing Sudocuck is cancer.

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