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What a nice cover, why is Gosho such a cutie, lads?

Happiness thread, summoning the 2 anons that read this.
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Cancel Happiness, quicken release of Chi no Wadachi.
Cancel Chi no Wadachi, quicken the release of Happiness.
gosho a best

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Gintama returns October 1st, in case if you weren't aware.
With a new OP by Blue Encount, the group who performed DayxDay:

Source: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2017/09/05/gintama-porori-arc-anime-broadcast-scheduled-for-october-1st?
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Literally whos. Bring Does back.
The manga is great right now.

Love Sadaharu
So what chapters are going to be adapted? The skipped comedy ones? I don't want to hear anymore about serious arcs, just reading the manga is already enough of this shit.

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Is there any swordsman who'd best Saito without any asspulls and powerups?
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"Oneechan came" what did they mean by that?
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>S2 Never.
>Full Episode serialization never.

Im suddenly want to listen it's ending then see this thread.
>>S2 Never.

Who cares? Literally every episode was the exact same thing
Well, It's fun.

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I liked the first OP, it felt unique.
Same. I mean both second and third OPs are good but the first one was pure hype.

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Ranking the New Games from most feminine to least

1. Yun
2. Shizuku
3. Rin
4. Momo
5. Naru
6. Umiko
7. Aoba
8. Nene
9. Kou
10. Hajime
11. Hifumi
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Fuck yun, always saying NAEE YA. Annoying shit.
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Funny how it matches perfectly with worst-best

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I... I wrote a song for Chitose.

Oh Chitose, my Chitose
My one and only Chitose
Your voice and your looks
You are like a sharp hook
How can I not take it
I just want to commit
Oh Chitose, my Chitose
Please never look away

I love you Chitose
I adore youuuuuu Chitose
You brighten up my day
You are my reason to live
All I can do is pray
Never leave me, Chitose

I hope she'll like it.
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She'll like it, Anon.
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>paying homage to my thread

Anon-kun... daisuki!
I missed this. Nice song by the way, she will surely like it.

Do we need more Judo in anime? I say yes
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why bother? Best judo series ever has already been made.
They should remake it with better animation.

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who gives a shit about some 10 years old promise? I usually like harem but this shit is just annoying
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Never forget
>not upholding your promises
you're very shitty person, anon. i hope you'll never find happiness.
>Tsugumi End still not scanlated
why live

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What makes Inuyasha noteworthy and unique as an anime? Why was it so big despite being mostly filler?
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was it even that big in japan?

americans like it because toonami
Watched Inuyasha solely for Kikyo, Every night waiting for her to show up.
>Wading through weeks of filler for a 5 minute romance scene that was ultimately inconclusive and redundant
I can't believe I gave up having a social life for this. Gucking fooks. But Kekyo wasn't as good for romance. Cold, angry shrews aren't as romantic as needy teenage girls.

This show has turned into such a fucking waste.

So she runs into Chad from middle school, completely leaves her boyfriend just sitting there while she prattles on endlessly and needlessly to said Chad, and expects Jun to not feel at least a little bit insulted when she finally acknowledges his presence? He finally fucking snaps, a combination of his own inexperience and insecurities and the constant stream of unnecessary bullshit he has to deal with just to be in a relationship with this chick. (Granted, most of it isn't her fault, but this one was. Big time.) Pushed too far, he finally finds the nerve to tell her exactly what's on his mind, and suddenly he's the bad guy. Not only to her, but to her friends, who jump down his throat and blame HIM for the issue - going as far as to call him the selfish one. HE wasn't the one blowing off his girlfriend to go hang with some girl he knew in middle school, without so much as asking her how she felt about it or inviting her along.

I like how Yame always seems wise and observant enough to know exactly what's going on with people at any given time, but can't seem to get the hint when her boyfriend is uncomfortable and might not be anywhere near as worldly as she is. When it's something she wants, suddenly she's a fucking dim bulb without a shred of empathy. She's like the gyaru version of the annoying male MC who just casually drops "nani?" every time he hears something he'd just rather pretend wasn't said.

So what's the big reveal going to be? Shithead Chad has already shown his true colors by the end of the episode. So what now? She was aware of it the whole time? Then why even associate with him? He's actually gay and all that bullshit at the restaurant is just a front because he doesn't want to come out to his friends, but Yame's known for years? C'mon, what's it gonna be? Something that's going to piss me off further, no doubt.
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Does the episode air tonight or tomorrow for us americant-tell-times?
>He has expected for that shit
>this is already a pasta

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I need your teehee's

all of them

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File: Kyon's imouto teehee.jpg (212KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
Kyon's imouto teehee.jpg
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Don't have the biggest collection, but I'll do what I can to help OP.

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Which dangan would you ronpa?
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Mukuro is such a fucking cutie
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I wish she wasn't stacked in every single fan art.
Good taste

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ryuko v satsuki.png
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Did they?
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Did they what?
Did they what?
Scissor sisters

Is UFO the best looking studio out there these days? I don't know what tricks they're using, but it's like everything they touch just looks like it's made with 5x the budget of anybody else.
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I what to know what tool they use for water. It looks amazing.
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>Kyoani doesn't exist

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