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Was Phantom Worodu a msunderstood masterpiece?
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best girl
Mah nigga!
Damn this series had some terrible girls

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What was I supposed to feel during this scene?

When Guts stood by as Griffith talked about his dreams? Am I missing the point? Is there a point?
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Cucked. If you didn't feel cucked it's because it's your natural state and you've gotten used to it
That's frustrating
you're supposed to feel bad for guts because he's had a hard life and now his best friend is talking shit about him behind his back

While considering the banality of life, genius high school student Light Yagami chances upon an anomalous notebook. The "death note," as it is labeled, purports to have the following properties:
The human whose name is written in this note shall die. This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in mind when writing his/her name. Therefor, people sharing the same name will not be affected. If the cause of death is written within the next 40 seconds of writing the person's name, it will happen. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack. After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.
After skeptically testing its powers on a suspect currently holding a class hostage, Light sets upon a quest to rid the world of evil by killing the world's worst criminals. He dreams of becoming the God of this new world of only good people. A Shinigami named Ryuk appears after a few days to observe and offer advice on the death note's properties (but never actually helping him with his goal.)
However, before long reports on the deaths of these criminals cease. Light, being police chief Soichiro Yagami's son, hacks into his father's computer and confirms that the deaths are still continuing, but the international police community has noticed the phenomenon of criminals dying of inexplicable heart attacks. A memo from INTERPOL has been circulated, recommending to the police of the world that until the phenomenon, referred to as "Sudden Cardiac Panic," is better understood, publishing the details of the victims' deaths would lead to unnecessary speculation and worry among the civilian populations. It looks like the world won't get its saviour inspiring fear into the hearts of evildoers as long as this coverup continues.

How does Light Yagami fare against a shadow government instead of a more overt challenge like L?
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It's called Code Geass
Totally the same thing.
Start killing corrupt politicians and evil but famous people, then start getting the names of famous and high ranking policemen, possibly the head of interpol itself and leak the entire thing
You can't hide the deaths, you just equated the police to criminals in the eyes of the public, revealed that deaths are still happening but were hidden and basically handed Kira popular support on a silver platter

>Former heros forced to become normal humans and find work.

Is this a blatant euphemism for NEETs finding work?
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Can someone give me a quick rundown of this cartoon?
But that would imply that NEETs did something useful for society at any point.
It could be a showing of the conformist nature that permeates Japanese society through peer pressure.

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This is Cerberus,
The three heads Dog who is the guardian of Hell.

say something lewd about her for a change
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At least she doesn't actually fuck alessand
At first I thought the puppets were actually talking demons.
Her tits are actually ventriloquists and voice the dogs.

She does nothing.

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We're getting close to the big event and there are lots of expectations for more seasons of some series and maybe new adaptations for other LN's from MF Bunko.

>Isekai Goumonhime
>Re:Zero season 2
>Index S3
>Something else for No game No life
>Hidan no Aria?

What are your expectations f/a/ggots?
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Rinne & Guriko.jpg
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I'm still waiting for the animated series of Mushi to Medama.
And I'm waiting for this.
>What are your expectations f/a/ggots?

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Would /a/ tutor quintuplet sisters?
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To be honest, that would be pretty scary as a boy of nearly the same age; they could bully you so very easily.
Wish this got serialised.
But it did?

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Can a ping pong player be an idol?
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Anyone can be an idol if they want to be.
Your mother is ugly as the night and still a whore.
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>waste time singing and appealing to filthy weebs
>never make it to the nationals

This will be Ace's downfall.

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Ohana means cute girl.
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>Oh ana
Everytime I see Ohana I keep thinking of that one hot NTR doujin. I think Ohana and Ko-chan are OTP but damn that doujin was fucking hot.

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Why this manga so good?
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Wow, Yotsuba to sure has changed
A bearcave version of Yotsuba. I never thought I'd see the day. I figured that meme died in 2001.
It was okay, though it's really obvious that it was drawn by someone who usually draws gay porn.

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Why is he so based?
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In b4.
Oda where is my Germa 66 mecha? you fucking promised

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guess what day today is anon
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>9/9/9 was 8 years ago
I'm unsure which theme I should play all day


Or this
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9/11 eve eve

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Eren is a trans, what happened
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>long hair
>means he's trans
are you retarded boy?
Who will kill Reiner first? Eren or depression?
nigga, he clearly has facial hair

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Does anyone else hope the Spiders kill Hisoka? I like Hisoka, but I like the Spiders more, and I'm sick of Hisoka fans constantly acting like he's the best fighter in the series.
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Hisoka is a joke. All hype, can't deliver.
Remember that he also wanted to fight Netero awhile back.

Stop trying to force generals for a series that won't return till next year

Yeah Netero would have crushed him. YouTube faggot commenters think Hisoka would actually stand a chance. Chrollo himself would be killed quickly by Netero.


I'm not forcing a general.

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Should i start by reading the novels or watching the anime?
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Novels, if you have plenty of time though.
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Higurashi cassey 1.jpg
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Dub version for lols.

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