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They're all pretty shitty as far as LNs go but which is the shittiest?

I'd vote Index followed by Mahouka and then SAO as the least shitty.
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Nice baito
The answer to this question would have been obvious if you posted it back in 2013 because the choices weren't all shitty back then.
no haruhi no bump

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Season 2 when?
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Any moment now by Netflix.
Are you just joking or for real?

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all the girls in this show have the same hair. the only difference is whether its parted or has a tuft in the front. they even all have the same stupid side ahoge. were they even trying when they designed these characters?
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They were implying that they're all actually the same person. Which is a pretty effective way to have all the girls in a harem win.
Spoiler that shit. Bruh. Because they are all the same person

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So the author retweeted this on their page. Can someone translate it?
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isn't the girl with the eyes getting her own manga?
I see you are working hard to make people notice your thread senpai. There isn't really much to discuss though.
No, I just want someone to translate the page honestly.

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Someone rated this a 10. And I don't see it being anything but a 7. I haven't finished it though I might add.
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> ratings
Stop going to MAL.

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What is this group? I see so many torrents lately on nyaa. Is it just another CR rip-off?
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Is this bait or are you actually retarded?
Yes, with more bloat.
Erai Raws, AnimeRG, FreakCrSuBuS are all CR rips.
Theres little reason to use HS nowadays specially since they seem to be encoding(?) their releases now.
There is also that spanish websites that rips all available subtitles and there is that open source app made by a loo that rips CR videos which you can search in github.

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Weakest character in their respective series thread
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>Not Blitz
The guy couldn't even shoot anyone other than his daughter.
powerlever or characterization?
>imb4 yes

Dark Schneider
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even with all this O, MY RUBBER NEN meme
fuck off bastard is great

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What are fat lips supposed to say about a character (when it is not about race)?
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They are fans of Sum 41.
Makes them look ugly or hulkish

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Did you like this anime?
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I unironically prefer its clones
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Yes, but I hate its fans.
>Did you like the sole reason for the Touhoku earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster?

Sure. Although I'm glad Shaft hasn't bothered with it again.

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Are gingers the best?
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There's something incredibly beautiful about redheads
Freckles where?

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Never watched this.

Am I in for a good time?
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yes please, so you can help me make more shitpost thread for umaru.
I need a hand now that school started.
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umaru shitpost.webm
3MB, 1280x720px

It is the pinnacle of anime. Come watch and join in us the Umaru shitpost brigade
The Citizen Kane of this generation

It's fucking shit compared to rest of UC. It's shit just in general. 2/10
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Yeah, no. You got shit taste.

Also the Victory Gundamis cool, just look at it.
Got some nice onee/milf
Agreed, I forced myself to finish watching it on my quest to watch all UC, and definitely it's the one I enjoyed the least. But I admit Shakti is kinda cute

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Which Satan would you follow?
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Who's the qt on top.
they're both good
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Does she count?

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I'll start:
>Space Battleship Yamato 2199
>crew has to go all the way to the Large Magellanic Cloud
>to the Salezar System
>upon return the first close-up of Earth shows the Iberian Peninsula
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Sometimes we are the good guys, sometimes we are the bad guys. Very often they use our architechture or language to fill soulless fantasy universes with something "exotic". I mean, I am fine with the Japanese being so obsessed with us, its just kinda weird since hardly anyone in Germany gives a shit about anime that arent shounen. I have watched almost a thousand shows, OVAs and movies and I feel like we are the most referenced foreigners. I wish the German people had more love for the Japanese.
>tfw japan is utterly unaware of my country, but chinamen are literally invading us

kill me

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