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So, after careful deliberation, I have arrived at the following conclusions regarding Oregairu's ending:

>1)Yui and Yuki can literally go fuck themselves (preferably together for hot yuri action)

>2)Iroha best girl and best ship

>3)Honorary mention Totsuka for having the healthiest relationship with 8man of the entire cast.
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I downloaded a screenshot I took and posted myself, but nice autism anon.
Totsuka is a joke character

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Is it just me or is comedic relief often used really poorly/inappropriately in anime?

Is this a cultural thing? Am I just a baka gaijin?
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>Person A: Look at me, I'm doing something stupid and I'm completely oblivious.
Japanese humor is garbage

Having said that, most comedy is shit no matter what form of media and no matter where you are.
>I have no sense of humour
>God, why is comedy so awful

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Newfag to anime. Where do you guys watch it? I can't find anywhere to watch pic related.

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You buy the Blurays of course, after all you do support the creators, don't you anon?
>can't find anywhere to watch it
no excuse

>character wears glasses
>hes the intelligent, calculating, nihilistic guy
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> someone steals chatacter's glasses
> he walks around bumping into things for an entire year instead of getting them replaced
>Character pushes glasses up
>Sun reflects off his eyes
I've tried this multiple times with my glasses. I'm pretty sure I just looked like a retard.
>character starts wearing hornrims and becomes an evil genius
>everybody has to cooperate to force a smaller rimless frame onto their face and restore status quo

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Ssssh. Riko's.... sleeping. Don't wake her up till 404, /a/!
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yo wake up lil bitch u need a show to carry on

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What did /a/ think of this show? And why aren't there more anime with cute dead girls?
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Weird how a show about zombies managed to be more original than the other shit that season
Goddamn, I just realized DEEN animated this. Konosuba, too. Huh, guess they're not as bad as people thought.
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/a/ loved zombie saten before she was animated. then her threads ended. In part because the manga ended. In part because the anime was mediocre.

we know where they stand on story telling and art, but why was Kubo's OPs/EDs so much better than Kishi's and Oda's
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so he could have one thing that was better than the others
>Kubo's, Kishi's, Oda's

sorry buddy im not a random no name jap obsessive fanatic, you'll have to explain who these people are if you want my opinion
Naruto has the best OPs and EDs, what are you talking about?

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Jager and Nico.gif
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What's your Anime guilty pleasure?

You know, an Anime you genuinely enjoy but it's just easier to watch when you're a little buzzed.
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Guilty crown, I watched it when I just started watching anime so it's got a soft spot in my heart.
Rakudai is the only magic school/battle harem type show I ever managed to watch from start to finish. I liked it to some extent.
I find the music and visuals quite comfy

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You know the deal, post manga you liked and got cut short for being unpopular/whatever.

This is Tail Star, ill never be not mad about this.
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is that a loli spider-man?
is an apocaliptic evil overlord loli in a spider dress that could or could not be part of her body
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chapter 1004.jpg
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I haven't been keeping up. Did Kudo get the organization and his body back?

Because we've known he and Ran have been in love for a long time now. And he's temporarily turned back like a million times by now.
jesus christ
I've only seen a few episodes past where the English dub ended and a few OVAs.
Are we anywhere near the end

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This is your new multi-media franchise and idol series

Anime soon
Song soon
Game soon
Movie soon
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File: 002_size8_201708041251177b9.jpg (201KB, 1000x985px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 001_size8_201708041251164c9.jpg (206KB, 1100x778px)Image search: [Google]
206KB, 1100x778px

File: 382884-117369-ryuk.jpg (16KB, 320x239px)Image search: [Google]
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What was even his end goal?
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to have fun
File: 1504569830698.jpg (39KB, 326x298px)Image search: [Google]
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>to have fun

This is what made him the best character, there wasn't any deep edgy meaning behind his actions, just fun.
Ryuk's face is like he's high on cocaine and is ready to hit on some hookers

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Is Goku's death count higher than his kill count?
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Didn't he kill a few hundred people during the Red Ribbon arc?
If you're only counting Z, then yes, actually.
what about including db and super?

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Holy shit, why does this little cunt pisses me so much? I didn't know that I would hate anyone on this show but everytime he shows up on screen I just cringe hard. He's like a fuckboi who beg his sugar reinhard daddy to praise him. I hope he get to suffer later.

Also logh thread.
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You insulted the wrong Best Butt Boi
nigga poisoned reinhard too

you know its true
Oberstein poisoned Reinhard.

You know it's true.

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it's just an OVA
Nice. I wonder if it will be a plot continuation or just slice of life
Why is Remu so pure?

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