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So are these things common in Japan now?
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I think it's pretty common to pee, yes
Now? For one, it's not a urinal, female or otherwise; it's a straight-up toilet. And two, they've existed in Japan since before the introduction of the western toilet.
>she wasn't pregnant at the end
This was pretty good otherwise.

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Digimon Universe: Applli Monsters is a children's show.
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Not remotely as edgy as Tamers, desu.
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This is the face of a boy who was betrayed by his best friend.
>subs not out yet
Why would you tease me like that, anon?

Well episode 10 was also on drugs. How will Catman and his imouto rescue Haruto?
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That shit was so cash.
With Hanako's help.
I think you mean Jane Doe anon.

>can block all magical attacks from mages
>could completely disable a mage's magic circuits by touching them
>could probably vaporize a Servant with a single touch, seeing how they're literally made of mana
>same with Noble Phantasms; even basic sword attacks mean nothing after he blocks it
>can probably even shatter a Reality Marble just by touching the ground

Does the Fateverse have a single counter to this guy?
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Imagine Breaker doesn't work on servants because they're already constantly being affected by what is essentially the same thing.
Why isn't that guy just shot dead with a regular gun anyways?
If nasu and kamachi decided to go insane and make a crossover touma would do hilariously poorly in an HGW by the sheer fact that the upper crust of earth that is inhabitable is literally a reality marble that toumas ass would fall right through cause lolIB.
hes probably the very last person anyone would want in an HGW because of that.

Will we see a second season of the most convincing trap ever created?
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Gender bender is not a trap.
What's wrong with you?
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You still have a long way to go anon
If /a/ was serious, it would be institutionalized.

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It's been a while, huh? Dumping some new reads and info to get caught up on.

MGRP Episodes Φ 03 - To Slay The Devil:

MGRP Episodes Φ 08 - Have Our Real Lives Been Fulfilling?

MGRP Unmarked Bridging Story - Snow White Raising Project

MGRP Peaceful Days 04 - Yakuza Angel Business
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Chapters 1 and 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:
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>Top Girl is dead
>people still watch this trash

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Since not even the retarded mod has watched this anime to miss the fucking reference and almost have me banned, let's have a blatant Gun X Sword thread.

What did you think of it? Was it satisfying? Why most people doesn't consider it good?
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Do you think Van ever got over Elena's death? Or is he still a Doutei?
thread got erased dreamboy?

darn i should have saved that tg thing.
Moved to /r9k/. A fate worse than deletion, like someone stealing my dream.

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Can someone tell me where was that scene that punpun fucked Aiko anally? I've seen it like few years ago but never got to see it in the goddamn manga for some reason.
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cause was a hentai?
No, it literally looked like asano's artstyle if I recall
never happened

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not energetically edgy, but heavy/depressing/etc

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never made it far in this show, but good intro

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How is Kazuma still a virgin?
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Because despite what he tries to make you believe he doesnt actually care about sex, he simply wants to be loved.
Because it's a shitty LN where sex is forbidden.
that sounds depressing.

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Is short hair cuter than long hair?
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Bobcut and anything shorter is kind of ugly desu, unless it's rolled up in a bun.

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What was the point of this scene? Bitch can't even talk properly. Was it supposed to be funny or something?
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Forced drama. As expected of KyoAni shit.
another proof that knk is victim blaming
don't you talk shit about my waifu you fucking cunt I'll destroy you

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Sluts McKenzie.jpg
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Slutter Honeysuckle is a good name for a bad guy.
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Stealth ?
Alicia Sloppyjoes is a good name for a shitty gal.
Leave it to Kamachi to come up with the dumbest names ever.

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Chiaki's imouto got a downgrade huh?
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Consider it a sidegrade
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You can kinda see her chest here but yeah it was seriously downgraded
She is pretty nice, too bad she is in a shit show and won't win.

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Why do people like this show/manga?

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