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Holy shit they finally did it, they've stopped pretending anime is not propaganda
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Omfg I would join the jsdf for him
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Post the link.
Too bad that in reality, Onii-sama doesnt exist and China would probably roll over them in like under a week.

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Tell me about Ayame, why does she wear the mask?
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Isn't it frustrating how she's well aware of lewd things and even simulates them but doesn't actually do them?
reminds me of harem anime
yes, incredibly.
few times have I seen someone put my exact feeling in to words that accurately.

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Worst guy
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you mean best girl
I still don't understand why this story had to be an isekai.
They keep going on about him being a programmer. But most of the things he knows could reasonably be picked up by a genius kid who likes mecha and has a talent for thinking outside of the box.
Because it aids in wish fulfillment. That's it.

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You have to choose one of the three to live in a small dorm room for the next 5 years. You know what will happen if you even annoy them. Which one will you walk on eggshells with and pray for your life each waking moment
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pfft they ain't shit, they're stuck with ME.
Aizen, is this even a question? He's a true bro, just don't be a complete dick to him and don't they in his way
If you pick Alucard, does Seras occasionally barge into the room to bring him on missions?

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Thoughts on Luka?
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The cutest faggot.
The reason behind a potential jump to the worst timeline. Gamma.
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Suzaku Kururugi
>Saved Millions of Japanese
>Gave up his Friendship for Power
>Has a Strong Sense of Morals
>Doesn't want People to Die
>Kills his Best Friend and Father
Did he do anything wrong?
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Suzaku did nothing wong
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He's been always a hero in my life.
He nuked Japan

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What's your favorite thing about Mami-san?
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The great large drills she has.
She's not a pretender
her smelly anus

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Did Toys in the Attic really happen?
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They all died and the monster isn't caught until way later by Space Dandy
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you shut your whore mouth, toys in the attic was the best filler episode.
Cowboy Bebop had no filler, every episode is essential to properly understand the series.

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This is your blood-related sister for tonight.
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Who is objectively the cutest anime girl?
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Cuteness is not objective.
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Is this Madoka with brown hair and eyes?

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what are your expectations for this?
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Sakuga and jazz
What's the point without HWAITO?
Look on the bright side...

You can waifufag for Chain this season instead

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During the last 10 years or so here, I've noticed the trend and tide turning against enjoyment of watching the ideal. People nowadays seem much more interested in seeing characters portrayed "realistically". Back when I started watching anime, lucky star came out, a girl who just like you plays video-games, obsesses over her favorite anime, vn and figures, she has friends and even though she seemingly has had a rough life, is happy and content. Now it seems that people enjoy watching those similar to them, without friends, obsessing over the same things they like while falling deeper into the horrible realization that the life they lead isnt that great.

What the fuck happened?
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I think it's completely the opposite. The industry is full of more blatant wish fulfillment than ever. Issakei dominates.
Both are shit, all anime is shit, just make a fucking good one for Christ's sake
>. Issakei dominates.
>literally my fucking life sucks and I died
>I am only happy after i died and left the world
i dont think you understand my point

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>Stan Lee anime is DEEN
>Jaden Smith anime is DEEN
I don't get it. Why is deen being chosen by gaijin?
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Because they are willing to work for peanuts.
Deen Winchester

The show needs more of this crazy bastard
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Worst you mean.
there's no fucking best girls in this show. all of them are pathetic with 3DPD personalities

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Momo is autistic, which makes her annoying and bitchy. Having a mental illness does not excuse this

Tsubame is clearly jealous, entitled and mean to people who are nice to her just because of her own warped worldview. Only a heartless mongoloid could be mean to someone as cute and agreeable as Nene for no reason.

Kou is a shitty person, but for more subtle reasons. She is thoroughly immature, and in no way acts like a boss, as she should. Look at Ahagon's programming department. She is mean, tough, and yells at people. But take a deeper look: she takes people under her wing based on how she thinks they'll behave and improve, and once they're there, she trains them. She is the boss, and as it is her job to tell them what to do to help them grow in a mature and professional way, she does exactly that.

Now let's observe Kou. From the get-go, we know, in the past, Kou was bitchy enough that she forced some poor girls out of the company. Now look how she treats Aoba. Does she take Aoba under her wing, look at her like a subordinate, train her, help her grow, and present her information in a mature and professional way? No, she looks at Aoba like another fucking competitor, creates a toxic social environment, puts her down and constantly reminds Aoba that she was "better" than her when she first joined. And as a result, Aoba hasn't grown at all. She's still the same autistic crybaby who thinks everything she does with Kou is a competition, and it shouldn't be, but it IS, BECAUSE Kou treats it that way. Kou acts like a fucking child. When Aoba started crying at Kou's dumb drawing, a real adult would have said, "shut the fuck up and get back to work, kid, it's not even that good. Quit being dumb." Instead though, she hugged her and went "ohhh yes little suzukaze kun, I know I'm the greatest at making kusoge, don't let it get to you, not many are as great as kono wagahai teehee."

Fuck Kou, she's a god damn baby.
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Kou is great.
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Not an argument.
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Now say something nice about Hazuki, OP!

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