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This is an American scientist.
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Anonymous please.
Asian-American, you racist fuck.

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What the hell was the point of Gatchaman Crowds since it had absolutely nothing to do with Gatchaman other than the logo.

Original Gatchaman was truly groundbreaking when it came out in '72 and basically set the standard for team anime and live action shows.

Gatchaman Crowds was just unwatchable.
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I was thinking of watching that after Jetman. would it still have a guy similar to Joe or Gai?
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I ended up rooting for Katze. He was the only good character.
>introduce mech suits they never use ever except in a few instances in the story
>introduce character who invents mobile app that allows public to do a shit ton of stuff
>have two villains who fuck with it full-scale and try to manipulate it
>they are always overturned by the Crowds
>"everything will be daijoubou" and public fixes everything because people are good and wouldn't use their power for bad at all and if they did you can just turn the screen off, close your eyes, haha
Honestly there is something, either political or social, about this show that just seems naive and I couldn't stomach it at all. I would say it was style over substance the show if the style was actually used but half the time it was just poorly written exposition. It's a shame because I like the art but fuck did this show rub me the wrong way.

I want to pretend to be a beta male dog until Kashii-sama lowers her guard, then sadistically break her until she cant live without my cock, then watch her blush in front of her friends as I act like nothing happened.
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Yui is mine, faggot.
God, the QUALITY in this shit is unbearable. Hard to believe this made people's top three, along with that steaming pile of shit Gamers!
My top 3 shows are,

1. Gamer
2. Hajimete no Gal
3. Aho Girl

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I wasn't watching this when it was airing.

How did /a/ react to Ep 18?
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How do you think?
Regardless of how /a/ reacted, you cannot deny the impact it has had on the industry.
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M-M-Michael Jackson? Is that you?
The fact that Anohana was trash made me pretty sad

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Are you ready for some cake-baking action?

Reminder spoilers might not come out tonight.
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>actually reading spoilers for a 19 page chapter
>enough interest to make $700K a year
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Assumptions for the rest of the arc:
>Next chapter focuses on the cake creation
>Then we get a chapter on the delivery/meetup with the Sunny
>Big Mom is in such bliss she unintentionally lets the crew go
>Meanwhile Luffy and Jinbe have successfully driven Katakuri off of the ship (not a TKO but enough to drive him off)
>Either via last-minute Germa appearance or a Coup de Burst the Straw Hats get out of Totto Land
>The trip to Wano is bridged with a Carrot flashback involving parental neglect and the importance of Wanda and Pedro in her life

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>Just who is this person?
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Hes/shes fast

I love her
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Forever overshadowed by her senpai.
Shit taste.

You just posted the best one, anon.
>no doujin

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This is your angel for the evening. Say something true to her
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I love you
I would never hurt you like he does
I'm not an ugly autistic loser like sato but I also need you so it's a win win.

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whats the best video player. havent been with community for a bit. still using CCCP.
VLCtards need not reply
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CCCP ain't a video player. It's a codec pack that includes MPC.

It's still the best go-to pack.
I've personally mostly used the Kawaii Codec Pack fork of the CCCP for past few years, but it seems to be stuck in a limbo. K-Lite is a fine alternative.
ok thanks. its just recently with a few series the subs havent been loading.

[AnimeKaizoku] Strike Witches 720p x264 BD Dual Audio [Demon Alpha]
subs wont load for me

Is Rika a loli? Yes, her body is of one but she has the mature mind of a granny.
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I don't know how many times it has to be said: loli is a body type. So yes, Rika is a loli.
so Remilia is a loli?
Yes? What part of loli being a body type do you not understand?

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>she sees you're dick
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why is aqua so dumb
>you are dick
No, I'm alex.
how can a girl even see your dick if its inside of her?

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>I might fall under your control, you know?
>Title: Hypnosis
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>All done!
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>What's that?
>Oh, nothing much. I just wanted to try making this thing.
>They were doing a special on hypnosis last night.
>Who were you going to use it on?
>Um no one, Takagi-san
>That's all fake,
>I'm not an idiot, you know.
>Then Nishikata.

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cute as a Botan
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She is going to loose, and the dyke is going to win.
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It's going to happen might as well drop this, unless you want to get assblasted. Shit girls always win.

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chapters like this are why most of us don't buy volumes, aren't they?
on that subject: volume 18 should be out and uploaded by now (it came out 2-3 days ago), so I'll update the mega whenever. Though, I doubt that many of you use it, even now.

Chapter 172: Amusement
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>Musashi: Boy.
>M: You say that you...
>M: Will kill me?
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>Baki: Well..
>B: It's embarrassing to hear when you say it like that.
>B: Musashi-san.
>B: You don't belong in this world.
>M: Boy.
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>M: Even I realize that.
>M: This is not a place where I can climb by cutting.
>B: So, you knew.

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