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Look what I can do!
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That's cool, but can you do this?
I'm really looking forward to watching this for the first time. I've saved my anime virginity for a LOT of shows I have saved up
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Azusa being a smug bitch as usual trying to show off her finger dexterity. Technique isnt everything

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What does /a/ think about Last exile? Was it good, and does it still hold up?
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Personally, I dont remember. I saw it more than 10 years ago.
The very definition of wasted potential
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What happened? Who's to blame for their dip in quality and when did it start? ?
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They realized how much Japan loves One Piece and they put no effort in the anime knowing that Japanese would eat that shit up
>What happened?
>Who's to blame for their dip in quality
One Piece
>and when did it start? ?
Around the Enies Lobby arc.

At first it was only One Piece that was plagued by fillers and endless bad animation. Then it spread.
Toei's executive management. More so than any other studio or production company, Toei outsources a fuck ton and loves cutting costs whenever they can despite most of their properties being among the highest grossing franchises in Japanese pop-culture; Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, PreCure, Sailor Moon, etc...

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Can anything ever fill the void?
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As I expected. Did anything even come close?
It really dated like milk anon. I can understand why the mangaka wasn't happy with this adaptation despite what 'praise' it might have gotten from normies. The ear-grating ost. The awful directing, shoestring budget, pacing and just outright bullying. Other than that all the tropes have been outdone by other anime. You're entitled to your opinion ofcourse.
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>watching CGDC

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Would Goku have let Cell absorb 18 and achieve perfection for a a good fight?
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Z Goku? No
Super Goku? Yes.
Goku has a power Boner but not to the extent of killing someone so some other dude can get a power up
can piccolo say nigga?

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>He was kind to me
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>He asked if it was ok to call me -chan
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>americans are so sexually screwed up they think kindness is a negative
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You didn't get it.

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Is it any good?
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Guilty Gear isn't anime
Yeah, but it shows 3D can be made to look really close to 2D and since it's supposed to be faster and cheaper or whatever why aren't there animes like that? It's technology from 3 years ago, right?


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thoughts on the series?
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fuck off narutard
The only thing Itachi did wrong was not finish the job.
absolute trash

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How can one show have so many 10/10 moments?
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It's a classic
It has a lot of 8/10 moments.
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Can we all agree that Prisma movie is best Fate movie so far and HF movies will have try hard to beat it?
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The only other movie is the UBW deen one not exactly an impressive feat.
The only other Fate film is a shitty one so when you compare it so Prisma obviosly Prisma will come out on top. Anyways, I'm 100% sure the HF trilogy will be the best.
camrip when?

Who did the Time loop better?
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It's been a failure every single time it's been tried.
Time loop plots are fucking shitty. Time travel in general is a plot device that shouldn't be touched on.
None because they are all impossible, Laws of Physics breaking, stupid science fiction for uncultured children.

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Currently there are 8-9 days until the new chapter. Spoileranon could possibly come around in 6-7 days to discuss teasers. For those who forgot what's going on or what needs to be done:

>Rai needs to not get fucked by Urban Guerrilla
>Josuke and Yasuho needs to escape Doremifasolati Do
>Rai needs to light the Rock Humans on fire
>Josuke needs to contact Norisuke about Jobin
>Josuke needs to go to Josefumi's house
>Josuke and Jobin need to find the grafted Rokakaka for whatever reason
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>Josuke needs to go to Josefumi's house
Gappy seeing his mother when?
Gappy killing her out of rage when?
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>Want Rai to die for the despair it cause and hopefully getting more rock content made
>Also want the plot to move forward
It's a tough choice.
I'm guessing a flashback or exposition is due, I'd rather it be a couple chapters time but I doubt it.
Oh and

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Will they foozsh?
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I think the better question is
will they cuddle?
Where can I find the spoilers at?
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Dumb birb

Bring me the spoilers, will Riko be able to use her arm again?
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Basically the show just gets edgier and edgier from here on out, and doesn't stop having a molasses pace.
white whistles are made from people
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New scanlated chapter, dumping
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