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What other artists have done porn of their own series?

Pic related had some pretty good porn done by it's author.
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The guy who wrote Moon phase did a short bit on Hazuki.

Also I don't know if it counts since he wasn't the creator of the series, but the guy who illustrated the GATE manga adaptation did some porn of the characters most of it furry
He(Manabe) don't think it's so much THAT."I’m broke."

Spoilers are out
Fat Acno is a thing now
Lucy and Gray are useless as always
Ezra and Jellal are in a threesome with Wendy
Mysterious woman's plan is Anna
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Oh shit forgot the spoilers
Will Erza and Jellal ever fug?
Why don't they just give zeref fairy heart? Acnologia is their common enemy right?

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season 2 start

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abril fools
Nene ruins everything again.
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Oh yes.

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Meat solidifies


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Wasn't this supposed to succeed naruto and one piece as the next hottest thing? Used to be ranked 2 or 1 every week too in SJ.
Its popularity has been dwindling and it's usually around the middle or bottom of the rankings now.

What happened?
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OP is a dumbass it's never at the bottom it's 1-5
One has had an anime for years, while the other only started last year.
BnHA never left on the top 5 tho? And rankings mean shit.
OP is a stupid/10 made me replay.

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Does /a/ like Eureka Seven?

The Antibody Coralians always scared the shit out of me.
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it was entertaining
Original series was GOAT.

AO is generally considered shit, but the only thing I hated about it was that godawful OVA episode.

Haven't seen the movie so I can't say anything about that.
Yeah, but I liked it more back then.

The story doesn't hold up that much, but the music, action sequences and art hold up pretty well.

Hopefully the movie delivers.

New anime. Character design by the Tawawa guy.

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Better not be dumb cowtits this time.
But she doesn't have any cowtits.
Is this real?

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Season 2 looking great

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>those dolls
Chika is cuter as a puppet.
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Math a best.

Anyway, does anyone else think that this manga is moving way too fucking fast? is it cancelled already and will end in chapter 12?
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Math is the worst. She's so fucking bland it hurt.

This. Also her reason for wanting to study literature is fucking awful.


>moving too fast

It's hard to tell. Do we know how far they were into the school year when the manga started? Maybe it started only a little bit before midterms. The characters don't act like they've been working since the beginning of the school year, anyway.
well she's a 16 year old that is being told by adults what she has to do, her way to rebel is to go do the contrary thing. If no adult insisted on her studying science she might consider it and leave the game's thing just as a hobby.

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>no trigger discipline
It's not even April yet
It is in Japan.

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I don't get it.

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ITT: "Villains" who did nothing wrong.
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Killed Ace duh
But kaizokus are evil.
>blew up a civilian ship to cover the WG's tracks
>was going to straight up murder Coby for interrupting his killing spree

Those two are just off the top of my head

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someone plz translate this smug queen's word?
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this too
She's talking about the pleasure of being cummed inside.
I'm not going to translate smut.
haha fuck

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what the fuck
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And it still manages to look better then modern CG

Makes you think
Looks overfiltered. Was that the only available version?
how is that better than anything

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Who's the best SAO girl?
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Far as being an interesting character with a good character arc goes, probably Sinon.
I want to fuck Suguha (not Leafa) the most by far, though.
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