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>open trunk
>see this
>wat do
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>close trunk
pleasure her pooper
hold for ransom

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Just found out the new series is being done by Production I.G which has me worried. Look at what they did to Ghost in the Shell and Cyborg 009. Please tell me the new series isn't going to be all 3DCG? At least keep the character models 2D.
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Madhouse is the only studio that makes good adaptations. Every other is shit tier
>not mentioning TMS
filthy casual scum.
It's never going to happen.

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chimame chro.png
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It's that time of the year again, this year they held "unlimited summoning event" ala mobile games.

Collect 3 tippy coins and you'll receive wallpaper.

Start your quest here:
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How many tippy coins to fuck Maya?
the fuck is this shit
Fuck I keep getting Sxaros. I want my wallpaper.

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So this... is the power of Patreon.

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What am I looking at here? Shindol?
Yeah, TFS Append 4

I love his art style/eyes but I wish he'd get away from the NTR/Rape shit.

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Think about it
>her immense hatred of Shinji caused him to expand Anti-AT Fields and causing third impact
>doesn't give a shit if humanity is destroyed
>doesn't care if her teammates are dead
>causes immense pain to the main character

Perhaps this was the point of eva, after all. Bravo Anno..
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The antagonist of Evangelion was the 18th angel, Lilim.
So yeah, Asuka is a Lilim too.
>asuka the antagonist
>not realizing the protagonist's was only antagonized by himself
Shinji was his only enemy
Please stop. We don't need 15 EVA threads a day. I get that you just watched it and are excited, but wait for one of the other threads that will pop up.

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Tomorrow is saturday guys!
We'll have fun with the new episode of Demi-chan, right?
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yes of course
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>tfw it will never be Saturday again

Why is tsundere, the worst girl archetype, so popular?
There is always one
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If I can make an uneducted guess, it's for two reasons:
1. It gives otaku the illussion that the popular bitches who constantly make fun of them may actually like them.
2. It's a very cheap, by the books way to "develop" a character without actually having to develop the character.

Honestly I think #1 is the main reason. Just otaku being hopeful. Plus I think the other reason is that it's just easy. Easy to make jokes, (even if they're not funny) easy to make some tension, and an easy way for things to reset back to the status quo every time. (IE: girl realizes she likes the guy or something and then just hits him and walks away blushing)
Because making bitches go dokidoki is the best tasting dish.

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Say something nice about her
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Can your girlfriend go out with me?
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Hidden genius

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hmmm,Kobayashi is gay.
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ame ame ame

ame ame ame
Can Kanna cross it?

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My face, my moon, my everybody's moon,
Which everybody looks on and calls his,
And, I suppose, is looked on by in turn,
While she looks—no one's: very dear, no less.
You smile? why, there's my picture ready made,
There's what we _ idles_ call our Aikatsu and Pripara Thread!
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Pretty Rhythm>Pripara
I'll stay with this thread since Mizuki is superior.
Kill yourself.

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Anyone else find it hilarious all those Apostles in Griffith's army trying to act "noble" when they sacrificed innocent people? I hope Guts calls all them out on their bullshit, he seemed pretty angry when Gurnbeld was talking about honor
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I can already what Guts would tell them

omelettes and eggs anon
Yes, faggot, it´s a device for Gattsu to call em fakes and so readers like you can moist their holes even more. Or perhaps we still don´t know in which circumstances those people were. So far, the different ones are only Grunbled, this fagg and the giant archer dog.

>Gendo fucks up a much superior anti-angel weapon just because "need moh money fo dem programs"

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It was never about killing angels, it was just about getting Shinji in the motherfucking goddamned robot.
Gendo achieved that on episode 1
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>hear people mentioning anno having budget problems with nge
>first episode is about gendo getting told that he has to watch his fucking budget

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Why you talking in past tense?
Hate for any of the Fate-shit is never unjustified
not in english

>there are cute girls
>they do cute things
>they all look the same with different wigs
>everyone is in high school
>it's set in modern day Japan
>there are 1 or 2 fictional elements tacked on
>little emphasis on story/themes/action/worldbuilding but at least the girls are cute

Why haven't they gotten bored of this yet?
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because kyoani generally adapts other works and it makes money for them
The last time didn't go so well.

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Waiting for season 2 of boku no hero academia like
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11 hours till it airs
Can't wait for the slow pace bitchng, the preview showed some filler suff
Nice meme. Really worth a thread.

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