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Who will be the canon love interest in the inevitable Persona 5 anime?
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rolling 3
The P4 and P3 adaptations didn't have canon love interests though.
>inb4 someone says Marie is canon.
Looks and personality wise my type is 2, but I heard she's pretty damn boring in the game. Which is a pity.

1 is a slut.
3 is very cliche choice.
4 may be good.

The others will have to wait until the fourth of April.

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Have you ever picked up an anime just because it had a cute girl in it?
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Almost all of them.
Dagashi kashi, i knew that the plot was trash, but i watched it anyway, Hotaru is that powerful
Only reason watch anime is for cute girls.

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It's okay to cry Anon
Thought from the thumbnail this was going to be an Eva thread
Kurosawa > Eva

I'm gonna miss Akiba's Trip, it was a wonderful show, the last episode was so awesome.
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Why don't you have a real computer, Anon?
what's wrong with bakedfish?
The fish encodes are downgrades of real releases for people who want to watch anime on their phones or consoles.

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wow wow
How do those question marks hover in the air?
You mean you don't know?

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>token flappies
token papis!
good bird

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So after the absurdly long wait, how do you guys feel about Kizumonogatari being total garbage?
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I don't wait for anime.
I just watch anime until I find out that other anime is available, then I move onto the new anime.
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sugoi monogatari, aniki
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crabfag detected

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Whole Cake Arc starting in anime on April 9th 2017

Ichiji = Sugiyama Noriaki
Reiju = Neya Michiko
Niji = Miyauchi Atsushi
Yonji = Tsuda Kenjiro

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Oh, Sasuke is finally in One Piece.
Niji is gonna sound like an old man.
The color scheme is garbage, they should have been all blonde.

smiles that needs to be protected.
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More momo Lewd!!!
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>>155251273 (Shit Taste)
Cunts who deserves be raped
That pov shot so hot

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I was thinking about this the other day after I rewatched Code Geass. What do you guys think the main driving force or antagonist is for Lelouch? Is it himself, or the Emperor, or any other force? I think it can go either way depending on how you look at it. Tell me what you guys think.
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Lelouch is initially driven by revenge but ends up having to take responsibility for all the shit he caused along the way.
Yeah thats true but his revenge is intially driven by the Emperor correct. And then he feels the need to bear all the sin of the world on his shoulders. The Emperor being the antagonist was definitely longer than Lelouch taking responsibilty but I feel like they play the same role equally. Or do they? Lelouch wasn't concerned about his sins until he realized what the Emperor was doing.
Lelouch started realizing he had to take responsibility much earlier than that. Off the top of my head there's the scene where he's about to drug himself and Kallen confronts him. It just all built up along the way and clicked after Rolo saved him and he confronted Charles.

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Why is he so alpha?
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its pa-
Oh wait, spoon feeding is bad.

Its a new isekai, thats pretty lewd
Some shitty harem isekai, you aren't missing out.

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My anniversary with Asuka is on April 23, what should I do for her /a/?
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Didn't mean to make that a spoiler
Eat shit and die
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I don't think that'd be very romantic

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How do I watch this show? More specifically, what is the most optimal way to watch this show for the greatest experience. To my knowledge, there are several different ways: S1 broadcast order > S2 > Movie; S1 chronlogical order > S2 > Movie; True chronological order with S1 mixed with S2 > Movie. Hell, there's probably some more ways I don't even know. On top of that, I read that there are some repeating episodes in S2 that you don't even need to watch.
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Just do chronological order and only watch the first and last episode of The Endless Eight.
don't bother with this posercore unless you're a nostalgiafag who watched it when it aired
>S1 chronlogical order > S2 > Movie
Here is your awnser anon.
For the endless eight, you could try to watch it if you can stomach it, or you could just watch the first and last episode of it.

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Your waifu with your dick.
I would bully Akari

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ITT: Characters that deserved to be happy.
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thanks a lot anon ;_;

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