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Dose anybody who had read this found the irony
of the story ? just right at the moment when the neet protagonist start walk out and breakthrough his own lock and want to socialize with other, the world gone mad.
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What's the worst most dull anime you've ever saw...
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Minami bike club until the last like 4 episodes was boring as shit.

ACCA was also fairly dull, but I was surprisingly engaged.
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Bakemonogatari and all of it's sequals/spinoffs/whatever.

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Will suck dick for TL
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>Gorou at the front of the pack
>that text placement
gg ez dropout
>What are you gonna do?
>Tomo's dad is a monster and the leader of a karate school full of guys who will rape you
>Now lick my feet or else

How would you describe this character?
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Huge forehead

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Hataraku Maou sama volume 13 out!
Download from the translator's site here: http://mittens-220.livejournal.com/

password is rika4048652052

I haven't read it yet since it just released like 10 minutes ago, but I'll update the thread with some light spoilers after reading through it
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Chiho should win
Did they fug yet?
Emi for the win or crestia

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This is the only cute Evangelion girl.
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Rei was better
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>Side characters have a romance
>It's actually better than the main romance

What is this called?
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Did they end up together? When I last read the manga she was still whoring herself for the older dude and friendzoned Sasayan hard.
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I just skipped every Inari-related chapter.
If the story hsd been about only Touka and Uka the manga would've been a shitton better.

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So it's over now.
Boruto's beginning, but whatever.
I only picked up on a few episodes on adult swim and toonami when I was a teen in the beginning.
Was this a good show in the end?
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short answer - no
long answer - yes
Comfiest show of all time
It's the most epic anime.

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What was her problem?
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Taking too much screen time away from Megumin is S2
everyone has problems
Lalatina deserves more screentime.
Who cares abot token loli. Yunyun is better than her in every way.

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Pick wisely
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Is this a JoJo reference?
what the hell is this
Mugi, she's a healthy girl.

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What was the point of this?
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I don't watch the whole anime. Which episode is this?
Haven't played the VN in awhile but I'm pretty sure this is what happens.
Caster wants to fuck Saber.

Did you not see her in Carnival Phantasm?

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Tfw the spin off is better than the original manga
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That opening though.
I remember reading the 1st chapter and dropping it due to how generic it was. Was it ever good?
The manga is pretty okay if a bit generic, it gets better since the first part.
The prequel anime is on a different level though.

It's April 1st in Japan, which means it's the 10th anniversary to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

I wish I still have the gaijin 4 koma edit and all the OCs /a/ made when the show was airing but my old hard drive busted.

Really nice that we don't need to rely on Keyhole to do livewatching these days.
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What is this madman planning to make next?
Have you pierced the heavens?

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Thoughts on SciADV and SVN series?

Which story is your favorite?
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all of them are crap
i really don't understand the appeal
They were all interesting but non have come close to Steins;Gate, which is why they're sadly milking the hell out of it.

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