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Look at this piece of modern art
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looked at it and thought it was a belly button and got really confused.
ass too small, that's not the Shitzu I knoe
>Creayus will never be your wife

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I can't believe Chris is fucking dead.
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Wait what ?
In a new booklet on Trudes profile it says Chris is deceased.

>A super ace of the Karlsland Armed Forces. Although she typically acts in a calm and levelheaded manner, at times she becomes so impulsive that she even loses track of her surroundings. Since the fall of her home, Karlsland, there have been times where her seriousness has become stubornness. To that end, she was typically very stern towards new Witches. However, since Miyafuji, who reminded Barkhorn of her late sister Chris, joined she has been watching over her warmly.
>Visiting Chris was only her imagination

how do i summon a succubus?
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>/a/ is full of purityfag that despise succubus because they are 'sluts'
>anime about a pure succubus and a pure demon in the same season
>/a/ likes succubus now

I hate you guys. Literally making creators kill the trope to appeal to your shitty purity standards. I'll stick with my usual REAL lewd succubus and demons. Pic related, my waifu.
Ask /x/
Obviously it may be related to invocations and sexual magic with a virgin of opposite gender from the demon, and a pledge to perversion

wtf i hate space now
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Well, space is empty and sucks.
It's the stuff floating around in space that make it worth it.
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Princess Principal.jpg
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Will it be good, /a/?


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It has all the makings of a classic
I know, right? It has some huge names attached to it and it's animated by 3hz, probably the best up and coming studio.
>Will it be good, /a/?

Depends if Okouichi doesn't fuck up royally halfway through

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Well, I'll be going now.

See you, /a/!
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Don't go anywhere.
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Good thing it got axed and made way for true masterpiece.
So I really loved MxO and figured I would look up the author's other series. I don't recognize any of the names and it looks like he hasn't made anything more recent than 2014. Are any of his other works decent? I'd like something with an actual ending if possible

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>the last legitimately good Kyoani series aired 6 years ago
Defend this.
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>Maidragon was 6 years ago
>the last legitimately good Kyoani series
But the last legitimately good Kyoani series just aired an episode earlier today.
Hyouka is 5 years ago

Spoilers all good news:
>Nagi BTFO with all the girls except Maria
>Maria's victory 100%
>Hayate fired
>Next week is final

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>that asspull to get hayate out
>that explanation for how he got out

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Is she the Chihiro of our times?

SYD will end one day
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He wont swing the bat. Your satisfying ending will just be a sexual punchline.
At least we will get the third season.
I watched the whole thing 2 days ago. It was a fun ride

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>OP by Mami Kawada
File: 43200iii.jpg (26KB, 447x337px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>voiced by Eri Kitamura
File: 1416901719625.jpg (320KB, 1280x826px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>OP AND a character both voiced by Iori Nomizu

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>slice of life with dragon girls
>slice of life with vampire girl
>slice of life with robot girls
>slice of life with animal girls
>slice of life with angel and demon girls

Wonderful. What brilliant concept is next for anime?
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slice of life with alien girls obviously
Anime with story.
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Based Polygon.
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Imagine how incredible this could be if it looked as good as Gantz:O
man if sidonia looked even a fifth as decent as this people wouldn't have been as pissed.
God damn it Nihei,
why do they insist on using that shitty framerate
>but it looks more like 2D anime
it looks like shit

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You have one shot to convince a friend to watch Gintama. What single scene do you show him / her?
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What kind of shitty friend would ever want someone else to watch Gintama?
I tried watching Gintama a while back but after marathoning through 8 minutes I dropped it. So I'm just curious, is this the Naruto of anime or something?

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>draw a loli head
>put it on milf body

I'm tired of this Rem shit
Rem doesn't have a milf body though.
say that to her lactating, motherly body

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Does everyone in japan have crippling autism and social anxiety?
>o-oh a b-b-boy l-looked at me now i can't get married!!
>girl and boy brush up against each other
>girl sits next to crush
>blush blush oh no doushio~
>girl makes it abundantly clear that she wants the MC dick
>MC is literally braindead and never catches on

I am so fucking sick of this shit. Literally every single "romance" show features this garbage.
Is there any show where people are not clinically retarded? Should I just stop watching anything that has even a hint of romance in it?
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kuzu no honkai
Stop watching anime in general
its aim at teenagers. are you fucking retarded?

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