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Image limit, so even if the last thread's not close to death I figured I'd make another one.
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>Hey, this is actually charming and funny. I wonder who ma-
Saviors of a goddamn terrible season!
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>Hey, this is actually charming and funny

"W-Wait, what are you doing, Kanna?"
>The audience chuckles nervously
"Y-You're getting too c-close!!"
>The audience laughs heartily
>The audience begins laughing so hard they burst into flame and their lungs explode. They start pissing themselves from laughter, which fails to put out the flames but makes everything smell like burnt hair and urine. An older gentleman has a heart attack and dies on the floor, burning and covered in piss. The earth trembles below the studio, opening a gaping crack into the underbelly of the earth. Several members of the audience are dragged into the blackness, laughing so hard blood spills from their mouths as they descend into the molten core of the earth, smashing into the rock as they fall. The continued laughter echoes off the rock, causing the largest known earthquake in history, crippling the powergrids of several of the world’s major cities, plunging humankind into darkness for weeks. Martial law is called into effect as the riots increase in size and aggressiveness. As food begins to run out, half of the world’s populace is dead, with the survivors now resorting to cannibalism and subsistence farming.
>dubs-fueled Apocalypse Now
Yup, sounds like how things go with dragons.

they're AWESOME

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Just for april fools, sadly.
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yumeko foodgasm pls
Just that we are clear.

Yumeko is crazy and would bet the freshly gained Zaibatsu in a heartbeat, if given the chance of a good gamble, wouldn't she.
She would bet ANYTHING, even you or me, as long as it gave her that addict's rush.

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Shinka is my daughter, did I raise her well?
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I'd say. Don't worry, I'll take good care of her from now on.
she REALLY likes dogs.
Yes. Such a wonderful daughter.

ED collection is out:
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Man, I love this dance.
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is that song from their stupid idol dance out yet?

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God I hate this manga. The art is great but it's basically a child marriage fantasy, and the only relatable character (the sunglasses dude) is basically getting NTR'd by the gary stu MC.
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>basically a child marriage fantasy
picked up
its shitty fetishy pedo material that tries to justify it with "they're not kissing or anything!" and "She likes it!"
>basically getting NTR'd
picked up

I can't look at this man the same way ever again.
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When did this happen? I'm only up to episode 8.
A bomb is casually dropped during the last episode, and the extra chapter confirms that Kiku is actually the father. Most people thought the yakuza boss was the father, but in the extra chapter the yakuza boss declares that he would never go for Konatsu because he has too much respect for Kiku, and then we have Kiku declaring that he's going to face Konatsu as "another human being, not his(Sukerokus)child" when she grows older. He's talking to Sukeroku's ghost, and states that he knows Konatsu is in love with him.

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I dare you to find a better couple of friends in Anime/Manga
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Anon, there are six of them. A couple is two.
Why the hell is Otogi there, he doesn't even play card games.
As much as you can poke fun at it you can't say they didn't take the idea and run all the way with it, at the very least I can respect it for that

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Re Zero would have been way better as a video game.
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It would've been a god-tier adventure game in the Sierra model.
Every anime would have been better as a videogame except for SoLs.
>Every anime would have been better as a videogame except for SoLs.

Persona is like 75% SoL though

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Is this a harem?
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is that taiga?
As long we know only the midget likes the MC in a romantic way, Shion is just playful and likes to tease, she's bro tier.
He is blond's wife, blond sister's master, pink and orange want him, Shion's knight, his sister wants him, and green is his Tama in a box. You tell me

Got my tickets for the Houston showing, anyone else going to a show near them?
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Already read the light novel so nah. I will wait for the BD
Oooh, where's it showing at?! and when?!
I hope I manage to see it, I'll be moving and might not get the chance

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what's that from anon, at least explain a bit ffs
are all of this guy's manga giant breast fetish books with middle-of-the-road slice of life content?

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Admit it /a/. You're excited for Season 2. You can't wait to watch the livestream, type in "Jaeger" in the right part of the intro, wait for the subs, then shitpost.

You know Kanna will be replaced by Historia.

You know a new era is upon us.
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No? I dropped the manga years ago, I'm not even going to watch it. Stop assuming everyone has your same taste.
Nah, I've lost interest during those 4 years.
I just caught up recently.
It's not even the same fucking story anymore, it's the outside world full of WW1 era tech versus what basically amounts to a leper colony that's still stuck in the early 1700's.

Why is Japan so obsessed with the idea of talent vs hard work?
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Because hard-working faggots are entitled mediocre whiny bastards so it's fun to bully them

cause their school system is a bitch and a half to get through
You realize how fabulously contradictory this post is correct?

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Oh my, i can't believe you've forgotten about my mission, /a/. Looks like it'll be easier to invade now.
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>roleplaying on 4chan

Everytime you think you're a loser, just remind yourself people like this exist.
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Say that to my face, not on the internet, see what happens.

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