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do anime girls age? how old's youre waifu now?
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Of course they age,
This I tell myself to avoid identifying as a lolicon.
Depends on the source material but they usually don't.

But waifus could age with you though, your pick.

Mine's 20 now, we're aging together since our age is really, REALLY close.
i wonder if there's fan art or canon art of anime grils at their present age

Okay, so if S3 is out of the question, why don't they just make more music?
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Because the music was shit.
They did with Hibike
Well I meant in the form of albums, but I see your point.

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If I like Tanya, does that make me gay?
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I wonder if people who believe in reincarnation have these thoughts as well
no but ur mom is gey
But do you remember everything when you reincarnate?

You might not like it, you must thank this show for saving industry from fujoshits.
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but you must*
>Furfag shit
Please don't use Kemono Friends to shitpost.

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What is the best love triangle in anime?
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Holy shit, True Tears was a legit harem.
None of those.

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Hmmm anime when?
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13 chapters until Rokka dies.
As long as Icchan is okay

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Who is the worst anime MC and why is it pic related?
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Why the hate?
No, fuck off, Naegi was great.
Nah, Kirito is still worse. At least Naegi is cute.

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Post series that you just sort of lost interest in, not so much gave up on, ill start pic related
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That one wasn't even long
It's just 2 seasons nigga.
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this shit happens to me all the time; seems like it happens more and more each season.

this seasons casualties were urara, akiba's trip and ACCA. all good shows but i just kinda fell off somewhere in the middle of each

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>KLK came out 4 years ago
>Panty and Stocking came out 7 years ago.
>evangelion came out 20 years ago.
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We're about to have the 10th anniversary of the season that aired Gurren Lagann, Lucky Star and Darker than Black
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>Panty and Stocking came out 7 years ago.


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What happened /a/?
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the gay
A good character designer happened.
He became an adult and settled down.

No reason to keep in shape if you don't expect to fight punchghosts everyday.

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>Fukai Mori is now playing in your head manually
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Do as Infinity is so good.
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I want to change the world

Kagome was my first crush, still think about her at least once a week. Sango was a close second
>implying I know the names of the Inuyashit openings

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Are we all excited for the OVA?
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what was the black haired girls name again? ooki? she was cute
I'm triggered

When? I miss the bobbleheads.

What do they mean?
What do they represent?
What do characters who wield them exemplify?

I'll start.
>notorious womanizer
>horrible coward
>never fights alone when he doesn't know he'll win for certain
Hol Horse was meant to be a parody of the cowboy gunslinging type who was huge with spaghetti westerns and the like. Showing what it would realistically take to get through a life of instant life or death that a gun would imply
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They represent burgers
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>attention seeking liar
>cheats when he fights
Jagi was meant to be an awful, greedy coward who nobody was supposed to emphasize with (until that one spinoff manga popped up). Jagi likes using guns as a byproduct of his mentality of "it doesn't matter what I do in a fight as long as I win", one of the reasons he wasn't chosen as the successor of Hokuto Shinken.

Incidentally Jagi, along with that one old robot fuck from Psycho-Pass, inspired me to look into getting a coach gun. God bless Texas

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WHAT DID IT ALL MEAN!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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Relax yourself, my dude.
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drink more water.
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>helps you on your path

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Sugoi! So you're a Friend with so few reliable people in life that could even be considered close to, that you actively hold cartoon characters close to your heart in ways other Friends would hold best friends and mates to theirs, in order to cope with the suffering that's loneliness?
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I literally only watch anime when I feel like killing myself.
OP, try shorter sentences.
Could you repeat the question? I'm having a difficult time understanding what it is, that you're trying to convey when you use so many words, when you could get the same point across with so many less.

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