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Anyone else reading this?
Just got done watching both of the OVAs and reading all of the currently translated chapters.
Artstyle is really good in my opinion
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I wonder why Chise and thr other girl thought that one witch was their mother.
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Yes, I really like it. One of its strong points is the atmosphere that makes the chapters fun to read.
How far is the English physical release behind the translated chapters online?

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Chapter is out on MangaONE app. Dumping raws kindly provided by screenshot anon with rough translation. Sorry in advance for typos and other mistakes, i'm tired as fuck.

>You guys…

>If that’s really how it is then just say so !
Telepathy Club guys
>(We aren’t that upfront…)

>Let’s do this thing together, then!
>Come on now, hurry up and line up the stones!!
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>They’re just repeating the incantation
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>You said you’ve been investigating all night long, right.
>In fact, isn’t there anything else you know and didn’t tell us about?

>Eh? You are a telepath, too?
>Nope, I can’t use telepathy but I can see the fluctuations of other people’s auras and read their hearts.

>Heeh… As you would expect from Kageyama-kun’s master.
>(Ku… Even though he’s lying he seems to be an expert in observing other people’s behavior and searching for their real intentions…)
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>So, what is it, Takenaka?
>What else are you hiding?

>In truth… The writer of this occult book, “The Cypher from The Sky”…
>Was arrested two years ago, for fraud.
>He spoke about the existence of espers and published many books as an “occult writer” … He held seminars and managed an exclusive fan club and such, but…
>He was simply boasting. Since people in his surrounding easily fell for it, he started fabricating a web of lies and became a money-grabbing crook.

>A fraud… No way…!!!

>The contents of this book aren’t based on any facts. This incantation and this ritual too are a hoax.
>In fact, there’s no point in even doing it.

>But had I said so earlier, our plans for today would’ve been cancelled, right?
>So it was hard for me to say it…

In case you didn't know, Eromanga Sensei, the new work of the author of Oreimo, is getting an anime, and it's kind of starting next week.
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yeah there's already a thread up
>same illustrator
This guy needs to fuck off with the siblings plots

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I wanna jiz on wiz.jpg
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Could you ever fall in love with this rotting corpse
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No but i can fall in love with you OP
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She's not dead, just undead.

Choose your bodyguard for the night.
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The one who's a slut.
Left.A jap girl with a sword is cooler
The one who has the common sense to use a gun.

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Admit it, you know you cried at this part.
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author of this series passed away recently, rip
Belongs in the trash.

Because she bills shoes.
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Cocoa and Chiya are heading off to another job of dubious legality.
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They are simply sending me a selfie
They're both legally my wives, what the hell are you saying anon?
Concert ticket scalping?

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>April Fools is tomorrow

What kind of prank do you think Hiro will pull
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/l/ comes back.
Not tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow. I don't know, I stay away from the Internet on this day, it's one of the few days I'm most productive in fact. There's enough faggotry around in real life on April 1st, why bother going on the internet choking more of it down my throat. Hey thanks for reading and remember you can always like comment subscribe for more quality commentary
Making /a/ and /co/ become one

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Where did it go wrong?
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Continuing when it already had a pretty good ending. There was no reason to drag it along after Kubos defeat, that ending was perfect.
Why many people use this pic as their profile picture.
i always saw it on youtube facebook anime commu etc.
Do you mean Aizen? If it weren't for Ichigo being unable to see his ghost friends again, then yes, I'd say that would have been a pretty good ending.

Last Thread archieved so i bring it back now !
Keep voting for your AOTS until 1 Ap here
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Kemono Friends is the Jojo's bizarre adventure of our generation.
Is it me, or in the past the results tended to be more evenly distributed? This time we have the top three taking half of all the results.

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ITT: Characters who would be good wives and mothers to your children.
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>implying she wouldn't fuck my son
I want to protect Akane's smile.
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Perfect housewife.

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HA. BRAVO FUCKIN BRAVO YOU SHITHEAD JAPS. What's the lesson were supposed to learn here. Sluts and whores always win at the end. I hope she gets stds and dies. FUCK YOU JAPAN
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Akane is so beautiful. Any man would be lucky to have her as a wife.
She is so alluring
you can't beat sensei

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>not supporting the MIND GAME Blu-Ray Kikestarter

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I already have the DVD, I'll just wait for BD rips, thanks. I'm not paying any Kikestarter jews.
It's going straight to Studio 4C, dumbass. They're the ones putting the release together

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What the hell is going on?
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Why are you watching this?
Well, it sound like a super-cute, virgin girl who is perfect in every way and a bed-wetting retard baby are going to attempt to murder someone.

Pretty normal stuff, really.
It's a really good show.

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