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So LWA, somewhat ironically, may actually be helping to push me to work harder in my university classes.

What level of pathetic is this?
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It's not pathetic to be inspired by something that you enjoy. Both Nodame and Hibike inspire me to keep practicing music.
Little girl is shown that she must work hard to get to where she goes, eventually she finds that no matter what she does she keeps on failing despite all her efforts, her friends are unsupportive, and her own school and its studentbody hates her. Once she finds out that the perfect witch in the school also worked hard to where she got, neverminding the fact that all her life she was inundated in magic at a young age,, while she was just a muggle in a Japan and is forced to learn high school level-magic when she gets to the academy.

Next episode she makes a fool of herself again but this time in front of important people of the witching world and the perfect witch of the school takes the prize again.
Not as pathetic as not working harder and then dropping out.

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Do you consider this to be accurate, /a/? Are these really the essentials of the genre from '70 to 2000?
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Looks like a pretty solid list.
Most lists like these are full of memes but that looks accurate, at least in the sense of the most essential show that year.

If you did 2000 and onward, it would start getting a lot more divisive.
That chart is pretty decent, but it's much too heavy on World Masterpiece Theater titles - not that they're bad (I like 3000 Leagues, Remi. and FBC especially) but they're not so wonderful that you need to see more than a few.

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>character drinks beer
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I don't understand this meme, do they yell it because it was hard to down the beer?
How the fuck would they handle a real drink like vodka shots then?
Japs can't handle alcohol. 4% beer is considered hard to them.
Japan thinks that it is polite to be noisy on the table. That's all there is to it, really

Spoilers and raws are leaking.
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we made it to a second thread guys!

Furuta: By increasing the amount of Qs in the CCG would also mean that there will be an increase of investigators who have a good nose.
Furuta: If there’s enough time, they can quickly find the Ghouls.

Furuta: Not only that but the ‘Oggai’ are based on you and is a safer 'Kanou-style’ after all.

Furuta taps on a tank containing Rize inside.

Furuta: In other words, it would mean around a hundred Kaneki Kens have been created.
Furuta: Now, what to do…
No shitposting please.

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Why arent there more female sports anime?
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>inb4 someone replies "but there is a lot of female sports anime"
>inb4 OP replies "like what"
Name one

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Sawano is a god.

Prove me wrong.
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there can only be one
I prefer Taku Iwasaki
Susumu Hirasawa shits on Sawano.

Flat > Cowtits
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>Asanagi Megumin
Regular tits >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Flat = Cowtits
And what are "regular tits", you falseflagging cowtits lover?

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Characters whose birthday are in April and also about clamp works in general.
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which are you following and thought on series?
I quit after the xxxHolic/Tsubasa clusterfuck. How did the new Tsubasa end?
tsubasa was hard for me to follow. but you'll be rewarded keep on reading. im hooked on clamp because of xxxholic.

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I miss them already.
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They just announced that Satania would be getting her own spinoff in the summer.
Who's ready?
I watch them every night to put me to sleep

I love them

I love them all

except for Satania
You mean to say this show wasn't all about Satania already?

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Stop sexualizing the Keions.
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Level 5 Mugi No.png
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I cannot...
Stop fucking black guys.
But I', black. I must fap to Mugi every day at least once.

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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None, I'm blind.
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Let me just post some nice grids.
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Avoided Junji Ito's work for years because I hate scary things. Couldn't sleep last night and finally read some of his work.

What a piece of shit. This is scary? For real?
It's so ridiculous and goofy.
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What best portrays his style of writing and personality as a mangaka are his oneshots, my favs are
Red String
Army of One
Hanging Balloons
Enigma of the Amigara Fault
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Remember, most manga is targeted at children. This is like the Japanese equivalent of pic related.

Junji Ito's work is more unsettling and confusing than scary. However, Uzumaki gets really creepy and disturbing by the end.

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Next season sure looks really bad.
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Right? what the fuck am i supposed to do for the next 3 months? watch normal 2d tv shows fuck
>Sword Oratoria
>Granblue Fantasy
>Shingeki no Kyojin S2
>Boku no Hero Academia S2
>Berserk S2
Kill yourself, this is the best season since OPM graced us with it's divine presence. I'm sure garbage like Eromanga Sensei and Sakura Quest will try to drag down the season but with this lineup it won't hurt that much.
You say that every season

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C8S48a2VoAAa9jU.png large.png
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>Artist comes back from the grave and ready to release a sequel to his best work
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Didn't know there was a magazine dedicated to that sort of thing.
That's just his own work. But there is a magazine called Kemono DIRECT.
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>that day I found out about Caracol
It's almost weirder when it's so vanilla.

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Between this and Death Note, I'm starting to wonder if anime adapted as Hollywood movies is going to become a trend, which got me thinking; Do you think Japan will ever start to make anime adaptations of popular live action Hollywood movies and TV shows? What would that even look like? Which studio would be best for what movie?

Honestly, a Gainax "What Dreams May Come" would be amazing.
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>what is supernatural the animated series
>what is BBC's Sherlock manga
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>I'm starting to wonder if anime adapted as Hollywood movies is going to become a trend
>Do you think Japan will ever start to make anime adaptations of popular live action Hollywood movies
Don't worry OP this movie isn't making any money this weekend, getting beat out by boss baby. You wont see anime again for 20 years

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