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what is the best quote in anime and manga?
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When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

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I wonder if factors like Netflix and Amazon will cause it to burst.
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What bubble?
So long as people buy anime (and merchandise) with actual money, there is no bubble.
The bubble is about debt markets that deal with more money than exists.
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Studios are saturated being asked to produce more and more. Meanwhile nobody wants to be an animator because it hardly pays and the working environment is shit.
I don't think it will burst, if you look at the chart, the industry has a cyclical tendency, but production always points up. While there may be years where the industry pairs back production, into won't suffer a full regression like a sudden crash.

Please tell me there are other people reading this perfect 4koma.
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Did you somehow miss the dozens and dozens of daily threads over the past several months?
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We were having daily threads up until fairly recently, they were dying pretty quick though.

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Miu's arc starts today. Are you ready for the new, better sexhair?
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That isn't funny.

Sex hair and Ruise are never going to get routes because S2 never.
Not with that attitude.
>Miu arc starts today
My heart jumped for a bit, even knowing this was a fucking lie.

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Proto-Ban killed a fairy that looks kinda like Elaine, or is it something else I'm missing?

Also, sauce?
That's Gerharde, so now it's confirmed that it was Proto-Ban who left her like that
Why didn't the fairy king just heal his sister? Was he unable to until he became a demon?

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You can tell me in hell.
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before or after anal?
Tell you what?
The thing inside the box is .......

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/a/. In youth your true self wished to be a hero, did it not? A hero that would save the world. You believed in that. You desired it more than life.

Am I wrong?
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After reading this shit post I just want to an hero
Yes, you're wrong.
And you're on the wrong board.
I suggest >>>/r9k/ to discuss anon's dreams and hopes.
When I was a youth all I wanted was to kiss Sensei!

Senpai a cute
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>beat me
fuck you
So yeah, cleanup page.
I want to fuck Misuzu.

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Girls with shark teeth are the best girls. Wouldn't you agree?
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I would agree, but add that boys with shark teeth are also best.
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the best

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What do you think of Tooru?
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She looks better with her hair down. Her dragon form really needs to slim down.
She's fun but her gimmick pool is too shallow.
>eat my tail!
>love me!
>I am boss!
She has a fat tail.

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Satisfactory amount of armpit in that image
I banged your momma so yes.
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Girls with missing limbs are cute I guess.

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Which is the better adaption
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1999 > manga > 2011
ova's are the best

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3x3 Thread
Rate others
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can someone pls explain to newfag how the replies ("5/6, "3/3", etc.) work?

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dumping for korean translation bro
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Will this cause as much of a storm as Oreimo did? I need to know, as it determines whether I watch it or not.
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Saekano is going to absorb all the shitposting.

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