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I don't get it
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One of the best anime in recent years, resented by the average weeb because it hits too close too home
MC is a girl that's been given every single unlikeable trait that's really common to have
People start hating it since they put themselves in her shoes, and then realize it's actually them.
That, and because MC doesn't even change in the end, it kinda makes the show pointless.
But really, it's a weird comedy that you have to laugh at the MC and make yourself feel better to enjoy.
A perfect looking anime girl except with shadows under her eyes who have a hot friend? And actually go outside to do wacky things? That's them?

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With the "announcement" of the Hoshiiro GirlDrop anime, I figured we could use a short dump of bkub's romcom about childhood friends, promises to get married and maybe secret idols or something.

Check out he site for the anime, hoshiiro.jp which includes a little PV, character bios, and a totally not suspicious countdown clock that has a little less than 15 hours left now. I'm sure this has absolutely nothing to do with the announcement that's suppose to be coming for Poptepipic. I'm also sure it has nothing to do with all of Poptepipic disappearing from mangalifewin and being replaced with the first five pages of this chapter.
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Is there any possibility for they to appear in the Granblue Fantasy anime?
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Nah, not the same right owners or anything.

They didn't even include the crossover characters in that giant newspaper picture with all GranBlue characters.

Heck, forget the crossovers, so far, they haven't even confirmed any event or gacha-only characters at all, only the ones that appeared in the main story.
Shit, I'm a HUGE Slayers fan and I'm dying to see them back ...
I hope.

Gelbooru ads changed again:
New custom filters:

All custom filters:
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If you still see ads tell me.
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Sadly doesn't seem to work with uBlock. I assume it's using AdBlock's syntax.

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Youe next anime adaptation by hollywood will be a trilogy of pic related.

Director will be Guillermo del Toro. How fucked are we?

They will probably make Jet a black guy and let Spike survive the final battle[/spoler]
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Jet was pretty much Black anyway.
Yeah, I'm not seeing the problem, I'm pretty sure his English VA is black too. I don't think it would be as much of a deal as what they did with Death Note.
If it's Guilherme Del Toro then it's in excellent hands. Or not, this guys has a terrible luck, chances that's gonna be cancelled.

Now that the Winter Season is wrapping up and everyone's starting to determine their AOTS', I'm interested to know...

what is your episode of the season? Doesn't necessarily have to match your anime of the season. Just whatever episode you watched out of a currently running or recently finished show that you really liked for ANY reason.

Pic related is mine. This weeks episode of Kobayashi was really strong, in my opinion. It provided backstory and character development on Tohru that I didn't even know I wanted until I saw it.

What's your favorite episodes of the season, /a/?
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Only one answer.
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this episode of Dropout was all kinds of comfy that I wasn't expecting at all from this show. Satania running after the dog at the beginning. Gabu working out a deal with coffee shop owner to let Satania keep her dog in her apt when she didn't have to. Extremely good.

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I will post this every day until Anima is translated
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I love Rei's Ayanami's, if you catch my meaning...
Rei have dat ass, Asuka have dem boobs.
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Rei's actually bigger in both in ANIMA.

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Have you prayed to your coelacanth overlords today?
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Rest in fucking pieces Kanan
I actually think this could work as a short series.
Where can you buy one so you can pretend your favorite love live is giving you a blowjob

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Why aren't you holding her /a/?
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I don't play with dolls.
Because she isn't real.
Shit character

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Tell me what you like about Lupin..
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Nice jacket
He's a groovy guy.
red is good the rest are shit

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Anyone still use CCCP? Looks like it's been abandoned.
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Because codec packs are fucking useless these days. If you're on windows mpc has lav filters built in. Better yet mpv, which is much better, is compiled with ffmpeg so it plays literally any file format ever.
>still using codecs pack
Manual installation of MPC-HC, xysubfilter and MadVR is the default /a/ setup now. Codec packs like CCCP and KCP can create playback problems later on that manual installation of the above won't. CCCP and KCP were made obsolete the moment MPC-HC started including LAV Filters in the default install.
Don't listen to mpv shills; it's not as good at upscaling and it's lazily designed (no config GUI).

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What the fuck kinda show is this?
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It's a show about magical girls.
A fun one.
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best doll.jpg
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Does /a/ remembers Hackadoll?
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It sucked.

Not even in a funny way, it was just mediocre across the board.
I remember that fuckboy #3
I still masturbate to that blue girl.

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I hate this day so much.
And all of you as well!
JokeĀ“s on them I dont even know what this is.
God, fuck April's Fool so fucking much.

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