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What the FUCK did I just watch?
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Somebody used too much clp because that sako is running wet.
It's called magazine.
Based on the filename, I think you watched episode 5 of "Upotte!!"

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>second season of snk will only be 12 episodes
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Good riddance. Weebs will rage though.
poor animefags
The manga is shit though

Im caught up

I want to fuck hanabi

How is this slut still a virgin?
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She seems crazy in a 'rape victim' kind of way. Was probably raped anywhere between the age of 5 and 12.
Is Slut: the anime any good?
It's a beautiful and thought-provoking series that explores the human heart and teaches us that, yes, even the cruelest amongst us are human beings that deserve love and respect.

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>uses swords

>uses a longsword

>uses legs to walk

>does not own a fishing rod

>stands out in the open all day

>is not stuck on a boat for 8 years

>ga shinda
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>does not own a fishing rod
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>not stuck on a boat for 8 years

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Do you want to fight Shinka?
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As long as she has the clip I cannot win
I'd love to fuck_ her.
yes, that ass is mine after she kicks mine

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This is your blood-related sibling tonight.
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They really fucked up the adaption of the mc as is pretty baller in the LN's. Like he didn't bitch out when they invited him into the bath.
That's fine, I guess.
If you can't be that relaxed about wearing a towel around family, then who can you?

is this the most comfy manga
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>people conflating literally nothing is happening with comfiness
My Neighbor Totoro.
..for anime.

Streaming of first OVA on niconico begin on JST 2400/UTC 1500 today
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Chinese mirror http://live.bilibili.com/368444
Nice.What will the ova be about? Them salvaging their sunken ship doing repairs would be pretty good too.
PV here: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm30891780
It's set at 1 month after the cruising, in a holiday after midterm test, and Naso Kouko get some mission...

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Is there a denser motherfucker than this dense motherfucker?
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Does Kodaka count?
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This guy.
Was about to post this

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>Mahou Shoujo Matoi
>Flip Flappers
>Vivid Strike
>Girlish Number

Why does it feel so long ago? Fall 2016 was only last season.
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>in remembrance of fucking Vivid Strike
Take your shit taste and kill yourself with it.
I wish I was Yuma.
Flipper Flappers wasn't that good

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the second half was shit
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It is, even with shitty second half.
that's not much of an accomplishment since 99% anime is shit
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>Alright you caught me, you won't shoot...

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>Episode 11

I can't believe this anime made me shed a few tears. I'm glad I got back into watching anime. I've been having a great time this season.
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i watched first ep thought it was very boring
what do u have to say about that?
It's not for you I guess. Everyone has different tastes. I was quite interested and, if I'm honest, didn't want episode 1 to end. I was hooked. It's not the best anime ever, but I enjoyed it a good deal.

I do believe that binge-watching instead of having to wait seven days after every episode helps though.
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Demi-chan wa Kataritai

Why don't you like Minmay /a/?
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She ruined zentradi culture and turned them into a race of servants.
Her eyes are terrifying and she won't sing more than one song
I like her but shes a cock tease and leaves her pro ass bf for incest instead.

Started this around halfway, started off good but now seems like it's running thin. Will the ending make it worth it
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>Started this around halfway,
Why didn't you start at the beginning?
No, First half of Death Note is great, second drags on too long and it's not worth it.
Should of been a comma sorry. I meant hallways through series and now seems like it's dragging

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What did /a/ think of this series? Was it any good?
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Basically the best isekai ever made.
>tfw 10 episodes
>LN have like 50 volumes
>anime adapted 2
Really fun, great show to watch with /a/, second season never.
Sex with Black Rabbit.

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